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OPI Suede

Thursday, January 27, 2011 Category : , , , , , , 14

OPI suede is my all time favorite OPI collection.  It is the only OPI collection where I wanted every single color.  I love this collection more than the it's summer for shore collection 2003 (bright holos), more than the Night Brights collection 2007 (including my private jet, Ink), and more than the Broadway collection 2003 (La Bohemme, Man of La Mancha)
Quick Rundown:

Collection: Suede, Fall 2009
Description of color: Matte but with micro silver glitter making it known as Suede 
Coverage/Coats: 2 coats
Resistance: day 3 only tip wear, no chipping
Drying Time: Incredibly Fast
Nail Art Stamping: Does not stamp, dries too fast
Base coat used: Nubar Nu nails
Removal: Harder to remove than an OPI Cream polish (e.g. Jade is the new black) but easier to remove than an OPI glitter (e.g. Mad as a hatter)

1. The first swatch is We'll Always Have Paris Suede


2. The second swatch is Russian Navy Suede

3. The third swatch is Ink Suede

This is a swatch of the original Ink


4. The fourth swatch is Lincoln Park After Dark Suede

5. The fifth swatch is You Don't Know Jacques Suede 

6.The sixth swatch is Orly Iron Butterfly...Unfortunately, I haven't gotten my hands on Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees Suede yet..so this is my temp. substitute for it.This is almost a dupe for Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees Suede.


 I know that Russian Navy Suede and Ink Suede look similar so I did side by side swatches for comparisons. Lincoln park after dark suede is also seen in the photos

This photo is inside under white light

 This photo is outside under sunlight

People have complained that the Suede collection chips after a few hours of application, I have not had this problem.  Below is a picture of what day 3 tip wear looks like.

Do you guys have any all time favorite nail polish collections?

Win a Beauty Manager Iphone/ Ipod touch App! CLOSED!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 Category : 7

 Adlemi, the Nizx Software Social Media Manager contacted me and asked if I wanted to do a review on a Beauty Manager Application for the iphone/ ipod touch. 

I agreed because I think that an application of this sort is quite valuable to organize our beauty products.  Keep reading because you will get a chance to win a code that allows you to download the app for free from the app Store on itunes.

Name: Beauty Manager application 
What can it do:
  • Keep track of your nail polish collection
  • Manage your personal beauty supplies inventory
  • You can also send e-mail recommendation to your friends from the app
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later

Here are some pictures I stole from the itunes app store: 

What makes this app really neat are the subcategories: Nails, face, Bath & Body, Eyes, Cheeks, Brushes, and Misc

When you click on nails category you get this screen:


I was like ..what is over lacquer and under lacquer??....top coat and base coat =)
I clicked on lacquer and randomly filled in some polishes to test the app out .

When you want to add more polishes, you click on the + sign at the upper right corner, you get a screen that you can fill in with details and then save (I accidentally cut out the save button from this picture)

There's a minor typo on the app, I don't think it's suppose to be purchase date then another purchase date (This is going to get fixed and an updated version will be available on the website later)

The thing I didn't like was that to save the polish you had to put in a price. But it's okay, you can always put in 0.

My top 2 favorite categories actually wasn't Nails, it was brushes and eyes.
Look at all the types of brushes that they have categories for: 

And for eyes they pretty much cover everything.  You can put in all the liners and shadows you have.

I think this is a really fun inventory organizer that you can have on your phone. I have an inventory for nail polish on an excel spreadsheet on the computer.  For this, I can scroll through my makeup inventory when I am waiting for a bus or just bored. I've used it for a few days now and I really like it. I'll update again when I've used this app for a longer period of time.

-very organized
-easy to use
-the subcategories are very detailed
-remembers the brands you put in so you don't have to retype them in
-Allows you to put in finish/ type of makeup/ polish i.e. glitter, shimmer, foil, pigment
-has extra room for notes. i.e. brush is not good etc

-No wish list option
-No search option
-cannot categorize the items by brand (could go under search, searching for a particular brand)
-No counting option, count how many of OPI I currently own

I've forwarded Nizx Software my cons list and the date purchase duplication problem that I found. They are currently working on fixing and improving the application.  When done, an application update will be available. 

Disclaimer - This app was sent to me for review with no payment. My opinion is an honest one.

You can purchase the app here 

US and Canada Sponsored Giveaway CLOSED

Monday, January 24, 2011 0

Today I have a sponsored giveaway for my readers who live in Canada or the US. Dear international readers, don’t despair! My own blog giveaway is opened internationally/ worldwide…and tomorrow I have another small sponsored giveaway happening  =)

As a preferred blogger with CSNstores I get a chance to host giveaways and review items.
Today one of my lucky readers can win a $35 giftcard from CSN stores.

The $35 gift certificate can be used to purchase anything from the CSN store websites.  CSN stores owns a lot of different websites that specialize in selling different items. It’s like one big online store that includes luggage stores, shoe stores, kitchenware stores, etc.

Here is a link to 200+store websites affiliated with them: http://www.csnstores.com/ourstores.asp

  • Jen, the Polish-Aho​lic blogger won the first giftcard sponsored by CSNstores and she bought Piggy paint nail polish with it.
  • I bought a pair of boots from CSNstores with my gift card.
Here are some items that i've put together that cost less than $35 

**yes, that is a hello kitty hair dryer

The Contest details!
  • RULES: opened to Canadian and American readers
  • PRIZE: One $35 USD gift certificate to use at any of the 200 CSN online stores
  • TO ENTER: Be a follower, have a valid email address, fill out the google docs form
  • GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Friday, February 4 2011 

Pinks + Sheer colors + more OPIs

Saturday, January 22, 2011 Category : , , , , 12

I'm sure that all you guys have seen the evil staining on my nails 2 posts back. I want to say THANK YOU  for all your wonderful suggestions. My nails are now stain free...well the skin around my nails are now stain free. I still have some minor staining on my nails but nail polish can cover that, the skin was the big problem.  So what worked? Everything that you guys suggested.

1. I used a tooth brush (old, one that I wasn't using anymore..can you imagine using my current toothbrush? ewww) and covered it with make up remover and scrubed
2. I also used a sugar scrub on my hands daily
3. repeat.

By day 2 the green around my nails lightened A LOT! 5 days later..nothing. No evidence of staining =)  Dear readers, Thank you for all your suggestions!


I haven't been wearing nail polish for the last week so I have some old photos that I thought I would bunch together in one post. 

1. Here I have OPI Hollywood blonde stamped with konad image plate m57.
To see a swatch of hollywood blonde go here

 Image plate: konad m57
Stamped with: Sally Hansen nail xtreme white out 

Right before removing my polish I gave myself pink french tips using China glaze strawberry fields. As you can see.. I did a very sloppy job with the french tips.

I think OPI hollywood blonde will always be my favorite office wear/ interview nail polish

2. We have OPI Princess rule!  I bought this for $5 and I use it as nail polish filler....as in when my nails are naked and gross looking and I'm about to go out... I'll slap this polish on because I know I will remove it in a few hours.  I don't really care too much for this polish and I won't be worried if I use it all up.  On a side note, if you can't find OPI hollywoodblonde you could purchase OPI Princess rule! as a substitute because they are quite similar.


I stuck on some fimo? candies to my thumbs..I think they are fimo.  www.bornprettystore.com sent these to me for a review. They were part of a plastic wheel full of various decorations. I wish that they sold the candies individually..the plastic wheel contains 2 pink candies, and 2 fuchsia candies, I would love to be able to purchase just the candies.  You can check out the plastic wheel of dessert fimo these here: http://www.bornprettystore.com/product_info.php?cPath=67_157&products_id=282

3. OPI Passion, this is my favorite OPI DS nail polish. I own Ds shimmer, Ds original..and used to own Ds glamour (But i'm giving that away)

I just think that this polish looks gorgeous and is very verstile. You could wear it at the office and then for a night out. It's a feminism dainty pink with holographic properties =)

Here's my most recent haul:
OPI: Lincoln park after dark suede, We'll alway have paris suede, Ink suede, Nfu oh 69, Deborah Lippmann Lady sings the blues, Nina ultra pro purple xing

 The OPI suede collection will always be my favorite OPI collection of all time. I own everyone except suzi skis in the pyrenees suede and Here Today Aragon tomorrow suede.
I own orly iron butterfly and felt that it was close enough that I didn't need to get suzi skis in the pyrenees suede...for Here Today Aragon tomorrow suede, I didn't get it because it wasn't part of the original suede collection and therefore the finish was a bit different from the others .. i'm not a fan of it the finish.


Hello new followers! Welcome! I've hit 400 followers now because of you guys..(~433)..so I was thinking that I would add to my current giveaway..but no..instead i'll have another giveaway afterwards  =)  this way we can get in more winners. 

**I still need to get caught up on my comments, I apologize. Some people have asked me what fauxnad plates I am giving away, I will post a bigger picture of the plates up

GIVEAWAY Happening!

Sunday, January 16, 2011 Category : 65

This giveaway is to celebrate my  300 followers...well 350 now =)

I'm giving away: OPI DS glamour, OPI Hoodoo Voodoo, Color club: wild at heart, revvvolution, worth the risque

I am also giving away 5 fauxnaud image plates + the scraper and stamper
Everything is brand new EXCEPT the OPI DS glamour. I swatched it once here.  It's a nice color but it's not really for me. I'm sure someone else will appreciate it more.  If you don't like used nail polish let me know and I won't include it.  btw, I just realized that hoodoo voodoo is the odd one out since it's not a holo...

To enter the giveaway please fill out the googledocs form at the bottom of the page.
Please note, I bought these product myself. see disclosure policy for more information.

The Rules: 

1. You must be a public follower and leave me your email address = 1 entry

2. For  extra entries (one extra entry for each of the following; please include the link!)

     - Tweet about this giveaway
     - Post about this giveaway on your blog somewhere
     - Add me to your blogroll
     - Follow me on Twitter

3. International readers are welcomed

4. Giveaway ends Sunday February 20th

Stylish blogger award !


Miss lacquer ware for tips and toes  tagged me for this blog award. These blog awards always make me feel all warm inside =) I really appreciate it Chris! Thank you so much.

The rules for this award are to:
thank and link the person who gave it to you,
jot down 7 random facts about you,
to give the award to 15 other lucky bloggers
and let them know about it.

My 7 Random Facts...

1. I love love love rootbeer. I can consume litres and litres of it.  I've switched to diet rootbeer now because I've been getting kind of fat drinking the sugary drink =(

2. I love crocheting..but I can never finish a project. I have tons of unfinished crochet projects hiding in my closet

3. In university and after graduating I mostly worked in labs that used animals/ dissected animals...I actually hate this. I love animals and it bothers me that I do what I do..but I guess that is what pays the bills right?

4. It is very difficult to wear red nail polish and red lipstick. It just doesn't work well with my skin tone, I'm still searching for the one red that will work for me.

5. I love nail polish top coats.....clear, bar glitter, flakies, rainbow glitter, holographic top coats, etc..but I almost never use them. I buy them but they just sit around.

6. I look extremely young.  To purchase a lottery ticket you must be at least 19.  I don't look 19 and always get carded. I also always get asked what high school do I go to...then I have to tell the person I've already graduated from university

7. I'm a night owl, I stay up late..and sleep in. sleep at 5 am wake up at 1 pm. 

I'm not tagging anyone because so many of you have already been tagged for this award, if you haven't been tagged, I tag you now! =)

Nfu Oh GS 14 + La colors metallic

Friday, January 14, 2011 Category : , , , , , , 23

Here's the swatch for Nfu Oh GS 14 ( part of the Nfu oh glitter series).  It is a jelly black full of holographic glitter.  I used 3 coats.  When the polish dried it was not very gritty so I only needed to apply one coat of top coat to make it smooth.  The wear for this polish was exceptional, it lasted 5 days no chips (this might have been because this is a glitter polish).  The removal was a bit difficult (which is usually the case for all glitter polishes) but left no staining so yay! 


Icing has a polish that is similiar to this polish called Blackout but from the pictures that I have seen, the glitter in the icing blackout polish is finer/ smaller than the glitter in Nfu oh Gs 14. I wish I had an Icing blackout to do a comparison for you guys =(

  Alizarineclaws has a really great comparison for black polishes + holographic glitter polishes so go check it out if you can't purchase the Nfu Oh GS 14
I stamped my ring finger with Bundle monster plate 21+ china glaze millennium
The next color I have is from the LA colors color craze metallic collection.  This is a metallic green with no name, there is a number etched on the glass that is different from the other color crazes I have, the number is either 81 or 18.
This is a metallic polish that leaves no brush strokes and has glass flecks of green in it. It is a very pretty color that required only 2 coats.
I decided to add some fimo flowers from a fimo cane that I got from Bornprettystore.com
At first it was a bit difficult to cut thin slices off the cane but I think I've gotten the hang of it now.
*my middle finger chipped =(
As pretty as this polish was...it was a Nightmare to remove!!!!!!
Look at my fingers!! argh!!! Look at the staining!!! I used Nubar's Nu nails as a base but the polish still stained. Next time..if I ever use this polish again I think I will use a base coat + a top coat.

So....Do you guys have any suggestions on how to clean up my nails/ fingers? I used nail polish remover with acetone..and well..the staining is still just as bad.  argh!  I think im okay with the nail being stained but the skin around my nails are green too! =(

once again.. arGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


Saturday, January 8, 2011 14

I have been lemming for OPI mad as a hatter for sooooooooooo long.  I saw it at the store..picked it up.. then at the last minute decided I didn't want it ....well, I felt like an idiot,went back to the store and it was sold out.  Luckily, here comes Karen of Frazzle and Aniploish to the rescue! She had an extra bottle so she sold it to me =)  

 Look at the glittery goodness!! I have some tip wear in the photos because these pictures were taken on day 4 of wear.  This is a gorgeous polish and it causes me to just stare at it. I wake up in the morning and stare at my nails..how crazy is that?    Mad as a hatter is discontinued now but if you still want it you could get it on ebay...or alternatively, you could purchase Sparkle-icious from the OPI Burlesque Collection.  It isn't an identical dupe but very close.   Sparkle-icious is more gold based.

After wearing mad has a hatter for a week I didn't really want to take it all off so I left the ring finger as mad as a hatter and painted the rest of my fingers with OPI rumple's wiggin (this is my all time favorite polish)

Why does rumple's wiggin look odd? there is one coat of China Glaze Wireless Holographic Topcoat on it..it's eh. Nothing really special

Then I stamped my nails!

 Stampled with China Glaze Avalanche
Bundle Monster image plate 20


Double stamped thumb

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