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Wednesday, May 26, 2010 169

I'm having my first giveaway! yay!

It is to celebrate my graduation from University. woohoo!No more school forever..yes yes yes!
Anyways, I wanted to do a nail/ make up giveaway but I am not quite ready for that so the prizes for this giveaway will relate to what I like and who I am.

one person will win:

1. Steampunk pocket watch necklace
-I really like steampunk jewelery so I made this just for the contest =) Cleaned up and polished so it's super shiny

  • vintage pocket watch that was taken apart and refurbished (doesn't work anymore)
  • swarovski crystals
  • wire wrapped (silver plated wire used)
  • can be converted into a brooch if the winner desires

2. Steampunk dome nut ring ( I made quite a few so I've added one to the giveaway)
  • adjustable, unisex
  • dome nut not silver plated
  • bottom part of the ring, silver plated
  • dome nut will NEVER fall off

3. MAC fluidline + eyeliner brush = This is the only eyeliner I use that is almost smudge free on me. Everything else smudges on me.
  • MAC fluidline in black track, new
  • E.l.f. studio angled eyeliner brush

  1. Must be a follower
Entries: You can put all your entries into one comment or have several comments.
  1. Follower = tell me how you are following me and your name used to follow me ( 1 entry)
  2. Post about the contest on your blog/twitter = post the link (3 entries)
  3. Post about the contest on your blog with a picture (1 entry)
  4. Put me on your blog roll (3 entries) = post the link
This contest is open internationally. I will use random.org to draw the winner. Please provide me with your email so I can contact you if you win =)

CONTEST ENDS: June 16 (3 weeks)

Email me if you have any questions. This post was made before I left for San Diego (vacation) Currently, I'm still in San Diego until the end of the week so I have limited internet access but I will try my best to answer all emails.

PS: currently I have 34 followers. You guys all get 3 extra entries =) You guys are awesome and I really appreciate the fact that you guys decided to follow my blog =)


CANDY COATED TIPS is having a giveaway

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 0

The prize:

the rules:

1) You MUST be a follower.  If you already are...GREAT...If not, JOIN the fun!

2) Fill out my form below.  I need your follower name and email in order to contact you and let you know that you won.

3) An extra entry is you add my giveaway to your blog.  Please leave the link location so I can check. :)

4)Please try and fill out the form once. I will check for multiple entries

5) Also, let me know which is your favorite purple polish EVER, and if you don't have a favorite purple polish tell me which polish in my giveaway you are most excited to have :)

6) Contest is open to domestic and international followers till WEDNESDAY JUNE 30th . I will stop taking entries June 30th at midnight EST.


click on the pic to enter


Sunday, May 23, 2010 5

hello hello!

i'm still on my vacation in San Diego right now.....

Here's also my current nails while in San Diego (you're welcome to click on the picture but please ignore my ugly cuticles)
*OPI Suzy Says Feng Shui ( first time using it, first OPI =) )
*Fimo smiley face flower

-Li Lian

Cannot Afford Konad Nail Polish

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 4

Hey everyone! So I'm back for another post. I'm not sure how familiar you are with Konad Stamping, but when I first heard of it I thought it was the most amazing product. Flawless pictures can be stamped onto the nail in a matter of seconds to create wonderful nail art!

Anyway, the first time I heard of this product was last year when I was at PNE. They sold the basic kit for approx $30 or so and I thought that was totally ridiculous. It came with 2 or 3 bottles of Konad Stamping nail polish and they told me that the nail polish that comes with it is especially thick in order to create smudge-less images. I couldn't fork out that kind of money at the time, so I passed and then later purchased individual plates online (along with a scraper and stamper, of course). Since then I have been using my own "normal" nail polish to do the stamping. I do have a bottle of dark blue nail polish from many years ago when my brother bought it to fix this scratch on his badminton racquet (or so he says...) and that one worked the best since it had thickened over the years.

My boyfriend has been telling me about this TV show called "The Shopping Bag" or something and they do reviews on different products. I never watched this show before, but they apparently got canceled not too long ago (?). Either way, their website is still up and I took a look at their nail polish reviews. I wasn't going to repeat their nail polish review, but they had a warning on the web page telling you not to put your nail polish into the refrigerator because that can thicken it and you would not be able to apply it directly to your nails anymore. This was perfect! That's exactly what I want! So I put my nail polish in the fridge a couple days ago, I haven't checked back since then, but I will let you know what happened once I do.

Let me know if you have tried this before. I'm really curious on your thoughts about this. Also, have you ever purposely tried to thicken your nail polish? What did you do/use?


atlantis + emerald sparkle

Saturday, May 8, 2010 4

I had china glaze atlantis on for a while then I decided that before it grows out or chips I would layer emerald sparkle on top. so this is the result:

I think it looks like a green special edition china glaze glitter
here's normal atlantis. I apoligize for the ugly pic. the picture doesn't do atlantis justice.

After taking the pictures, I clipped my nails really short.
I am going to San diego for 2 weeks and will be surfing and scuba diving so I thought that having longer nails while doing such physical activity would most likely result in breaking and I really want to avoid that so clipped short it was.

-li lian

some nail art + a swatch + a duck

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 2

1. Glitter gradient
* avon mirror shine glisten on the tips
* cover girl disco dazzle* sally hansen celeb city

2. I have been wearing this all week. Claire's calm/ wild. Best color ever!!!
everyone needs to get this color now!!!!
( I apologize for the cuticles =[ )
besides the fact that it changes color with temperate....the texture/ color is awesome. It dries matte, I added essie matte about you on top it make it even more matte and now it looks like a suede.

btw the weirdest thing happened the other day...a duck flew into my backyard. Ducks are very very uncommon in my backyard so I was really surprised when it flew in. I took some pictures

What Would Gaga Do?


Hello Everyone!

My name is Juli and I'm a small author on this blog alongside with Li Lian. I'm currently in nursing school, and we're not allowed to wear nail polish to the hospital, which is why I don't have as much to contribute.

I'm also a big Canucks fan, but I currently don't any dark blue or green nail polish on me to do as wonderful job as Li Lian did to cheer them on. In addition to Canucks, I'm also a big Lady Gaga fan! I bought this silver nail polish some time ago because I thought I could use it for stamping. Unfortunately, it seems to be too thin to stamp. The first time I applied silver nail polish on my nail, it just looked too strange (like I was a bionic woman or something). Today, after my last exam this morning, I decided to be adventurous. Put them on and leave them on!

As I was applying it, it just kept on reminding me of Lady Gaga. So I decided to name this nail art "do" as "What Would Gaga Do?" And so what do you think Gaga would do? Stars? Red stars? I THINK SO!!!


Monday, May 3, 2010 Category : , , 2

so i'm from Vancouver and hockey is big big BIG here. so..........our hockey team the Vancouver Canucks made it into the second round of hockey playoffs.....and I decided to needed to do a mani for them.

so we have the jersey:


our mascot is the fin the killer whale


interview with fin: http://melroserocks.blogspot.com/2008/01/behind-mascot-fin-orca.html

soo.. jersey + fin =

muwhahaha =)


Sunday, May 2, 2010 2

i've got a new camera so i'm hoping to get some really nice nail photos soon! yay

anyways since my nails are naked right now I thought I would post a few pictures that I took from a nail book. I just thought it was neat to drill a hole in your nail and screw in a diamond or a nail shield into it. it's interesting. I don't think you could not do this on natural nails, it would definitely weaken your nails.
1. drilling2. screw in diamond3. or screw in nail shield

rather neat eh?

oh btw i'll be having a giveaway and everyone who is a follower gets triple entries!! yay!!

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