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August 2010

photo dump!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010 14

Hi everyone! I have been quite busy this week so I apologize for the lack of comments and posts.  This week I had to work 6 days instead of my regular 5 =(.  Today is my day off!! yay!..then work again tomorrow.

  I had a few pictures to post up during the week but I never got around to posting them so I will post all my pictures in this one post =)

The first swatch is Secret Peri-Winkle by China Glaze!
It's a gorgeous color and required only 2 coats. I did 3 just in case =) 

Then it was either nail stamp on top or use a top coat...so I decided to use Sally Hansen's hidden treasure

The photo is rather odd because I just could not do a good job capturing the "hidden treasure" flakiness.

Next swatch up is OPI's jade is the new black =)  I  have been very slow to jump on the jade is the new black band wagon.  I should have bought it when it was first released. It took me forever to find it.  I had to go to several shops since most shops no longer sell the OPI Hong Kong collection.


What can I say that you can't see from the photos? it applied like a dream. 2 coats.  Definitely one of my top 10 polishes.

I nail stamped on top of it...I think it was it bad idea. it doesn't look as nice to me after stamping it.

I used china glaze passion and bundle monster plate21

And lastly.. the last swatch we have is OPI DS original. =)  I received this polish from nailstah.

Is this a gorgeous polish or what? I think I need to take better pictures of it since these pictures do not do justice to the color.

And that is all the photos I have for now...phew!

  On another note have you guys heard of the spabeautyschools top 50 nail blogs list?  Well guess what? I actually made it on the list!  is that crazy or what?  I'm not sure what criteria they used to decide who got on the list.  There are some blogs that didn't make the list but I'm certain they should have been on it =(.  Oh yes, they also have this cute nifty badge made. 

Top 50 Nail Blogs

Goodies + nail art

Friday, August 20, 2010 19

 Hello everyone!!  Today I went to the shopping mall and came across a store selling OPI for $7.95 canadian! I think this is a great deal. 
I bought Jade is the new black, then I saw I'm a princess, you're not! so I grabbed that too. When I went to the cash register the lady told me that that I'm a princess, you're not ! was on sale for $5.99. yay! 
Here are quick pictures of it.  The colors are off in the picture so don't go by the colors in the picture if you are planning to buy them.  I will post better pictures and swatches later.

Left to right:  I'm a princess, you're not!,  Jade is the new black

Earlier this week I received a packaged from  Sammy.  It's GOSH holographic!! yay! i've always wanted china glaze OMG but I couldn't find it anywhere (VNS does not ship to Canada so I couldn't get it from them).  So..the next best alternative is of course GOSH.


 and now today...I received a package from Annie.  She included a very cute note folded up as a strawberry.  I haven't opened the note yet because I don't want to unfold the strawberry.

So what was in the package? OPI DS Original!  awesome right? I've wanted this polish for a super long time. It was either this or Octa gone wild from china glaze. I'm glad I got OPI instead of china glaze..OPI doesn't chip as much compared to china glaze. So I will be wearing this for my birthday which is today!! yay!  I actually wrote this post on the 19th but i'm gonna post it on the 20th so I have a post on my bday =)

Phew.. .and now onto some nail art:

We have the base color: OPI Rumple's wiggin'
-It's a gorgeous color! I have gotten quite a few compliments on it from strangers and it's definitely in my top 5 polishes right now.

Nails stamped:

you can see I dinged my ring finger when the top coat was still wet.  


So what I used was in order:

1. Konad plate: m60 argyle full nail patter 
Stamped with China glaze IDK

2. Bundle Monster plate: BM04
stamped with color club wild at heart

3. Konad plate: m78 butterflies
stamped with china glaze passion

*I'll post my bday nails in my next post which is OPI DS Original. it's just too pretty to be nail stamped over. =)

I've made some tiny changes to my blog...i've just changed my blog name and picture tags a bit. my blog url is shortwidenails, the blog title is nails nails nails, when I comment on people's blogs my name is shortnails. this is crazy complicated so from now on everything will be shortwidenails. so much more simpler.

A tagged post and a tutorial

Sunday, August 15, 2010 12

hello everyone!
Today I have a nail polish wheel tutorial to show you guys.... but first Smita and Katrina tagged me so I'm going to reply to the tag =)

4 Things Tag

4 things in my bag/purse:
- wallet
- nail file
- hand cream
- nail clippers

4 favorite things in my room
- laptop
- my stuff animals
- my bed
-my fan (it's getting really hot here in Vancouver)

4 things I’ve always wanted to do
- Go see the Taj Mahal
- work at the aquarium
- see the Northern lights
- go dog sledding

4 things I’m currently into
- nail polish
- eminem Recovery CD
- reading
- crafting jewelery

4 things I bet you didn't know about me
- I dislike shopping
- I love gory movies such as Saw
- I love movies about zombies
- I am currently obsessing about the Pokemon gameboy game Red version (1990s)

4 songs I can't get out of my head
- Love the way you lie - eminem
- Not afraid - eminem
- Teenage Dream - Katy Perry 
- The way I are - Timbaland

once tagged you must link the person who tagged you
tag 4 others
let the bloggers know they have been tagged
give 4 answers to each question asked

My tags
- Bathroom dancer Juli
- Tessa
- lil green heart
- Dee's Polish Delaynee

Phew!  now to the nail wheel tutorial. I can't take credit for it since I followed a youtube video from the lovely:  lfbdiamondmind   (she is awesome!)
The video is here if you want to watch =):   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQjRRjEd3QM

I just took pictures of the steps I took which is the same as what she did:
By the way, nail wheels are quite cheap but since I have a lot of cheap $! false nails (I use nailene nails if I break or rip a nail )that I don't use so I decided to turn them into a nail wheel. If I didn't have all these plastic nails I would probably have just bought a nail wheel.

Step 1:
The materials to make the nail wheel:
  • school glue (important will elaborate later)
  • tooth picks
  • plastic nails

Step 2:  
  • have a clean false nail with no residue on it
  • apply glue
  • stick toothpick into the middle of it

 Step 3:
  • let them dry overnight, DO NOT MOVE THEM

Step 4:
  • cut out 2 cardboard circles (for front and back of nail wheel), the size of the circle is the size that you want your nail wheel to be
Step 5:
  • glue the nails (that are dry now) onto the cardboard circle
  • I used a glue gun for it to be faster
  • to distribute the nails evenly first glue the nails at the positions 12, 3, 6, 9 oclock
  • then continue to fill in with nails
Step 6: 
  • Once done glue the second cardboard circle on top of the exposed toothpicks so that you have a cardboard circle on the back and front of your nail wheel

Step 7:
  • Swatch the wheel =)

Step 8:
  • so you have a cardboard circle on the front and back of your nail wheel right? flip the nail wheel over so that you are now facing the back and write in the names of your polish
  • so the front you have a blank circle and the back has the names of the polishes you swatched

And you are done! =)

A few tips:
  • I said that using school glue is important because when it dries and you apply pressure you can pop the nail off the tooth pick easily (also if you drop or bump the wheel the nails come off).  I like this aspect because I missed a silver polish and had already swatched the wheel, I hate that I would have to put the silver polish in the green section so all I did was pop off a few nails and shifted them over to make room for the silver that I forgot to swatch, then I glued everything back on 
  •  swatching, I don't swatch 2 coats on every nail, instead I do it in gradients so that I can see the opacity of the polish

**unrelated note: my birthday is this friday yay!! I need to figure out what I should wear on my nails that day. =)

A review!

Sunday, August 8, 2010 8

First item of business is just a quick tip:

I find that at my new job I tend to chip/ rip my nails a lot. This is not ideal but I've figured out that the best way to deal with the chips is to file them down before they get caught and tear even more/ or chip even more.

So what I have is a matchbook of emery nail boards/ files that I bought at Sally's.  I rip out one file and keep it in my make up bag so that whenever I do rip my nail I have this small but handy file to use.  I think everyone should invest in something like this. the files are about 2.25 inches long and double sided.

Next item of business:
So...everyone has heard of the viva la nails blogger sample pack right? well if you haven't..well here's the deal: all bloggers or youtube bloggers can sign up for a free viva la nails sample pack as long as you do a review for them.  simple right? So ... quickly go here and sign up for a sample pack http://www.vivalanails.co.uk/samples.html

By the way, I live in Canada and Viva la nails comes from Europe so it took about 2.5 weeks for me to receive the package.

I have a review right now on the most boring sample item they sent me (in my opinion): cotton pieces
Everything else they sent me was awesome!!
  • the website sells them for  £0.45 which is about about 73 cents Canadian.
  • There are 10 sheets in total
  • They are  identical to surgical gauze. 
  • they are a good deal and right now they are my go to cotton pieces

I unfolded a sheet and well it's pretty thin so you can't cut it up and use it in quarters or anything similar to that. It worked quite well to remove nail polish but  I did find that using it to remove glitter polish was difficult..but really in general glitter polish is difficult to remove. I prefer cut up felt pieces to remove glitter.  Felt pieces are easier to use to remove glitter polish because they have a very rough texture.

Expect my other reviews on the other products they sent me to be more interesting. I decided to get this out of the way first =) 

side note: what do you guys think of Deborah Lippmann's across the universe?  I don't know if I should get it.

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