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Goodies + nail art

Posted on Friday, August 20, 2010 | 19 Comments

 Hello everyone!!  Today I went to the shopping mall and came across a store selling OPI for $7.95 canadian! I think this is a great deal. 
I bought Jade is the new black, then I saw I'm a princess, you're not! so I grabbed that too. When I went to the cash register the lady told me that that I'm a princess, you're not ! was on sale for $5.99. yay! 
Here are quick pictures of it.  The colors are off in the picture so don't go by the colors in the picture if you are planning to buy them.  I will post better pictures and swatches later.

Left to right:  I'm a princess, you're not!,  Jade is the new black

Earlier this week I received a packaged from  Sammy.  It's GOSH holographic!! yay! i've always wanted china glaze OMG but I couldn't find it anywhere (VNS does not ship to Canada so I couldn't get it from them).  So..the next best alternative is of course GOSH.


 and now today...I received a package from Annie.  She included a very cute note folded up as a strawberry.  I haven't opened the note yet because I don't want to unfold the strawberry.

So what was in the package? OPI DS Original!  awesome right? I've wanted this polish for a super long time. It was either this or Octa gone wild from china glaze. I'm glad I got OPI instead of china glaze..OPI doesn't chip as much compared to china glaze. So I will be wearing this for my birthday which is today!! yay!  I actually wrote this post on the 19th but i'm gonna post it on the 20th so I have a post on my bday =)

Phew.. .and now onto some nail art:

We have the base color: OPI Rumple's wiggin'
-It's a gorgeous color! I have gotten quite a few compliments on it from strangers and it's definitely in my top 5 polishes right now.

Nails stamped:

you can see I dinged my ring finger when the top coat was still wet.  


So what I used was in order:

1. Konad plate: m60 argyle full nail patter 
Stamped with China glaze IDK

2. Bundle Monster plate: BM04
stamped with color club wild at heart

3. Konad plate: m78 butterflies
stamped with china glaze passion

*I'll post my bday nails in my next post which is OPI DS Original. it's just too pretty to be nail stamped over. =)

I've made some tiny changes to my blog...i've just changed my blog name and picture tags a bit. my blog url is shortwidenails, the blog title is nails nails nails, when I comment on people's blogs my name is shortnails. this is crazy complicated so from now on everything will be shortwidenails. so much more simpler.


  1. Good buys on the OPIs! The GOSH polish is incredible! I quite like it.. annnnnd that konadicure is gorgeous!!

    Happy Birthday lovely, enjoy it!!

  2. wowwwwwww your nails stamped looks SOOOO good! im just getting into konad stamping and im sooo excited to test it out :D :D :D

  3. i've never done like a stamp on top of a stamp! looks so nice!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. btw, you are SO lucky you got GOSH holographic!

  5. JEALOUS! OPI DS ORIGINAL? super jealous.

    hahaha cute mani too! :)

  6. Your stamped mani is lovely. Beautiful colours and design.

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy birthday! I love your stamping; I'm still at the stage where I'm happy if I can get one color where I want it. :D

  8. Happy Birthday!!
    And I love love love the design. So pretty and magical-looking!

  9. I love that mani. Its purely incredible. Happy Birthday!

  10. I'm your new follower. Really like your blog.
    Maybe you can visit mine sometime: www.melaniesnailpolish.blogspot.com

  11. this is such a gorgeous manicure =) can't wait for the BM stuff to arrive! =)

  12. Hey laaaaady!! Your blog got listed here:


    When I saw it, I was super pumped! Congrats!!

  13. LOVE the Rumple polish and the stamping. So cool.

  14. @Delaynee: thanks for your comment! It is a good canadian buy isn't it for the opis?..my eyes pretty much dropped from my head when I saw the price ..i'm of course assuming that opis are cheaper in the us compared to us and more expensive in europe.

    @ xAgnes: good luck with the stamping..it's addicting..konad...argh..so very addicting. sometimes I wish i had a) more time to do the nail designs b) more fingers to do them on hahaha =)

  15. @smita: I found a uk blogger (nailasaurus) who had bought gosh holo and asked her if she could get me one =) so glad I asked. stamping on top of stamping I think makes a really pretty effect............but also takes sooooooooooooo much time argh.!

    @katrina: I have been lemming for ds original since forever..so when I saw nail stah selling it I had to get it ASAP !!!

    @ice queen: aww thanks for your sweet comment. i'm glad you like it. it's my first time stamp layering

  16. @KarenD: I also have trouble with stamping. but everyone says practice practice practice. We will get there. btw: my greatest problem with stamping is my application. it seems that when I roll the image on my image gets all warped and stretched out.

    @ChaosButterfly: thanks for your sweet comment. magical looking..hehe. =) it's rather girly. i need to figure out a darker not as girly design

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: aww you're making me blush. your comment is so sweet. hehe.

    @Melanie: of course I will be a follower. when I saw the header on your blog I was like..yup. I have to follower her. she's awesome.

    @Trincess: i can't wait to see what you come up with when you get your bm plates..your color combinations + stamping designs=)

  17. @Delaynee: thanks for letting me know! I was super shocked. like what?? no way!!

    @ susie: so glad you're back...you did post a lot of clocks =) I wish I could see you in action making the embroidered stuff

  18. Sorry, I've only just caught this post.
    Great job photographing the Gosh, you really got ALL the colours in :D
    And that multi layered stamping is amazing - it could look so tacky but it just looks reeeaallly pretty!


  19. that's so pretty!!!! I LOVE seeing people layer konad, I can never get the hang of it myself at all.


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