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Wedding inspired nails

Sunday, April 10, 2011 Category : , , , , 13

I bought China Glaze White Cap the other day from ebay. I applied it on my nails and I loved loved loved it. I really like the gold micro glimmer/ shimmer, I think that it is a very classy color. 

This is 3 coats.

 I wanted to spice it up so I decided to try my hand at doing wedding inspired nails since I can totally imagine someone wearing White Cap to a wedding.

So I used the following:

And BAM!  we have this:

So what do you think?   

*I used an arcylic mold to make the 3D flower on my ring finger.
*Seche Vite is the best top coat EVER for making sure 3D things stay on your nails. When I put on the silver balls/ rhinestones on my nails fall off the next day or they just don't stick to my nails at all, but with the Seche Vite top coat, the silver balls don't even budge.

The larger rhinestone disc was provided to me by bornprettystore.com for review.  The smaller disc of rhinestones I bought off ebay.  I just wanted to let you know that I was pleasantly surprised with the bornprettystore clear rhinestones having a rainbow AB tint to them. The rhinestones I bought off ebay are just clear, the bornpretty ones have a rainbow sheen to them (you can see the rainbow sheen to them better on my nail pictures).

Oh yes, I just wanted to let you guys know that I have a 10% off coupon code for bornprettystore.com, it is: SWNAIL
Disclaimer - The acrylic mold, half pearls, large rhinestone disc was sent to me for review by bornprettystore.com with no payment. My opinion is an honest one.  The silver and gold balls, the small rhinestone disc, and the konad image plate was purchased by myself.


 I just finished adding up all the results so I've decided to add the winner to this blog post......The winner of the $25 wowsocool.com gift card is...

KAYLA !!!!

Madefromearth product review

Saturday, April 9, 2011 Category : 2

3 weeks ago I made a blog post about face cream.  I suffer from rosacea, which is is pretty much skin inflammation.  My face is so sensitive that it flairs up when it is too cold, when it is too hot, and when the face cream/ cleansers I use have too many chemicals and preservatives in it.  My dermatologist recommended 2 brands for my skin: Spectro Hydracare and Complex 15.  Unfortunately, both brands test on animals.  I really want to use a facecream/ cleanser that does not test on animals....so...what popped up in my search for cruelty free face cream was the brand Madefromearth

Madefromearth is an organic skin care company that does not use any harmful chemicals and preservatives in manufacturing their product.s  Madefromearth is FDA Registered and USDA Organic Certified.   They manufacture their products under Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), this is huge! I work for a company that also complies with FDA and cGMP regulations so I know exactly how much detail and effort is put in to follow these regulations.  

Stergios, the director of marketing for Madefromearth kindly provided me with the following samples to review.

I have been using the products for a week and a half and I think that that enough time has passed for me to do a review.  I will of course continue to use the products and update my review.

1. Lip balm: The vanilla smells like real vanilla beans and citrus one smells like the citrus drink "5 alive"...just image lemons + oranges squeezed together!! I found the lipbalms a bit waxy and hard at first but after using it a bit the lip balm softened and applied like butter. Maybe my room was initially too cold? 

2.  The Rosehip + Hibiscus Facial Serum.  This stuff is awesome.  I use it as a moisturizer at night. It dries super fast so I can apply it to my face right before I go to sleep and it won't stick to my pillow or bed sheets.

You rub the serum in and that's it, it absorbs that fast!

3. The Green Tea Toxin Cleanser.  This cleanser was a check mark for me because it didn't make my skin burn.  Yes, my skin is so sensitive that most cleansers make my skin burn...even the one I regularly use: Cetaphil.  This cleanser did not make my face burn...so yay!!

I decided to try to use the cleanser as a make up remover and it worked perfectly.  Here is a picture of a cotton pad + eyeliner residue.

Disclaimer - The products were sent to me for review by http://www.madefromearth.com/ with no payment. My opinion is an honest one

Win a Sigma Miss Taylor Kabuki!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011 49

As a Sigma Beauty Affiliate, I was given the chance to review a Sigma Miss Taylor Kabuki brush and also host a sponsored giveaway for a Miss Taylor Kabuki brush.

I haven't received my own brush yet to do a review on it...but.. here's your chance to win your own brush and to do your own review.

The Kabuki brush retails for $25 on the sigma website. The bristles are synthetic and this is a retractable brush.

To enter the giveaway:

1. Be a follower of my blog
2. Leave a comment with your email.  

That's it!   The giveaway is open internationally and closes on April 13th (so you have 1 week to enter)

Click here to visit www.sigmabeauty.com

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