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Patch work mani for arthritis

Sunday, March 27, 2011 8

This patchwork nail design was copied from chloe's nails!   she does amazing nail designs using house hold tape =)  My nail design is extremely crude because I was running out of time last night so I skipped a few steps. What you are suppose to to do is put on nail color 1,  let it dry, put tape on, put on nail color 2, let that dry, then put tape on again and then put on nail color 3.  I didn't have time to let the nail polish dry so I ended up free handing bits and pieces of the manicure.

So why the pink?  why the rush on the mani? why is tip wear so apparent in my nails? Well...  I ran 8 km for arthritis today and I did my mani especially for it =)  It's called DIVA on the run so it's only for women and pink was the chosen color =)

At the end of the race everyone got feather boas ..that were given to us my firemen  =)  ....okay..if you are wondering whether the firemen were hot or not I can't answer that question because by the time I had finished the race I thought I was dying and I had no idea what or who anyone was.  oh, the nice part about the race was that one of the sponsors was litcosmetics, they specialize in glitter so we had pink glitter tossed on to us =)  If you guys are interested in glitter make up go take a look at them because ..come on..who doesn't want a bit of glitter in their lives?

oh, I also won a t-shirt from the race, that's the t-shirt in the photo.   I am feeling extremely sick from the run right now =(  but hey, that's what you get when you run 8km without training...but for arthritis of course it's worth it =)

CLOSED! tabulating results =)

Thursday, March 24, 2011 9

800 followers? woot woot!!

This means a giveaway!! 

One follower will win a $25 gift certificate to www.wowsocool.com

The giveaway happening today has been generously sponsored by www.wowsocool.com   wowsocool is an authorized konad nail stamper dealer; therefore, they have all the konad plates and special konad nail stamping polishes =)  I actually buy all my official konad image plates from them because they have the best shipping policy for Canada.

To enter the giveaway please fill out the googledocs form at the bottom of the page.
Please note, the giftcard is donated by wowsocool.com, Orion Stars Enterprise, see disclosure policy for more information.

The Rules: 

1. You must be a public follower and leave me your email address = 1 entry

2. For  extra entries (one extra entry for each of the following; please include the link!)
     - Post about this giveaway on your blog somewhere
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3. International readers are welcomed

4. Giveaway ends Sunday April 7th 2011

Nail stamping

Sunday, March 20, 2011 7

I think I will do several posts today...a post dump since I never have time to do a post during the weekdays. 

I have 3 konaded nail designs to share with you guys today:

Nail design 1:
Base coat: Color Club Worth the risque
Konaded/ nail stamped with: Wet n' Wild Black
konad image plate: M63  

**Thoughts: Wet n' Wild Black is one of the best blacks ever to stamp with!!! super opaque no smudging. I have 2 bottles just in case.

Nail design 2:
Base coat: China glaze for audrey
Konaded/ nail stamped with: China glaze Robotika (from the Khrome collection)
konad image plate: M63

**thoughts:  Robotika is from the China Glaze Khrome collection that includes the marvelous 2030 and millenium polishes....they are both wonderful polishes to stamp with but for some reason Robotika doesn't stamp very well.  When you stamp with Robotika the images are not very dark/ opaque or clean...when I look at my nails I can still see the base color (for audrey) showing through. =( 

Nail design 3:
Base coat: China glaze Innonce
Konaded/ nail stamped with: China glaze millennium (Khrome collection)
konad image plate: M70

**thoughts:  China glaze millennium is an incredible silver to use to stamp on your nails. It's opaque and produces very clean lines. I haven't found a silver polish that can stamp on your nails as good as millennium

My konad nail image plates are all bought from http://www.wowsocool.com/.  Note: wowsocool.com/ has the best shipping prices for Canadians.


Sneak peek!!!

I bought a pair of studded earring from the lovely GingerKittyDesigns.  I haven't gotten my earrings yet but she sent me a picture of them and I have to share them with you guys....

That's right...Liquid Euphoria Bliss earrings!!! woot!

you can find more about her here:

**I still need to reply to comments in my last post..I promise I will get to them ASAP!

facecream!!! + animal testing


I have super sensitive skin...it will suddenly become super dry or super red or super inflamed.  I have seen my family doctor and a dermatologist.  To help my skin recover my doctors recommended that I don't put anything on my face for 2 days.  No face cream, no make up, nothing.  After 2 days, I should use one of the 2 face creams pictured below for a week:

These 2 facecreams are very very light and dry very quickly.  They work well for my skin so yay!  BUT....both companies test on animals. =(  I am trying very hard to avoid companies that test on animals.  I'm writing this post to inform you guys about companies that test on animals I have 2 really good links that I want share with you guys

TV series "Crazy on the Couch" about nail polish???


Electric bear studios contacted me to tell me about a new show that is coming out.  It's a TV series called "crazy on the couch"

From what they have told me it is about a female psychiatrist who is obessed with her nails.  While she is with her patients she uses her Ipad is check out the latest nail colors and decides what color she will wear with what patient.  ??? kinda crazy eh?

The series is contracted to air on both traditional networks as well as IPTV networks,
for cell phone downloads, also through Netflix and Hulu. 
Check out the website www.crazyonthecouch.tv for news and release dates
there's a youtube preview here  
**I haven't watched the preview yet but I thought you guys might be interested in the series..I am
definately intrigued.
**Electric bear studios did not compensate me for this post, I just thought you guys might be interested in it


Monday, March 7, 2011 10

So, the winner of my 300 giveaway is:   da da dum... Xiao Wei!!  I've contacted her and I am waiting for her reply.  Tabulating the results took FOREVER! argh!!!! I really have trouble with people not following the rules...but I guess this happens for all giveaways.

On a side note, http://lovebeangirl.blogspot.com/ was the winner of the $35 CSN giftcard giveaway that I had last month. She bought piggy paint polish for her daughter with the giftcard. You can check out her post here: http://lovebeangirl.blogspot.com/2011/02/look-what-i-won.html

Lately, blogger has been acting up. It just doesn't like me.  It takes forever to load and to post. Odd.

Monique asked me to do swatches for my loreal polishes so here they are:

1. I'm comparing Loreal High Tide with Avon Vintage Blue


Quick Rundown:

Collection: n/a
Description of color: Avon -creme, Loreal - creme with a hint of shimmer
Coverage/Coats: 2 normal coats for both
Resistance: n/a, I swatched them then took it off
Drying Time:  Normal drying time, not instant like a matte polish
Base coat used: Nubar Nu nails
Removal: Very easy to remove since they are cremes

From the pictures you can see that the 2 colors are very different.  Loreal is more of a grey blue while Avon is a pure creme pastel blue.
2. We have China glaze For Audrey versus Loreal Waters Edge

Quick Rundown:

Collection: n/a
Description of color: Both cremes
Coverage/Coats: 2 normal coats for Audrey, 2 normal coats + 1 thin coat for Loreal
Resistance: n/a, I swatched them then took it off
Drying Time:  Normal drying time, not instant like a matte polish
Base coat used: Nubar Nu nails
Removal: Very easy to remove since they are cremes

The only difference between the 2 colors was that Loreal was a bit more difficult to apply. I was getting bald spots with it =(  so I had too apply an extra thin coat to even everything out.  The 2 colors are very similiar except that Loreal is tad bit darker.

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