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Nail stamping

Posted on Sunday, March 20, 2011 | 7 Comments

I think I will do several posts today...a post dump since I never have time to do a post during the weekdays. 

I have 3 konaded nail designs to share with you guys today:

Nail design 1:
Base coat: Color Club Worth the risque
Konaded/ nail stamped with: Wet n' Wild Black
konad image plate: M63  

**Thoughts: Wet n' Wild Black is one of the best blacks ever to stamp with!!! super opaque no smudging. I have 2 bottles just in case.

Nail design 2:
Base coat: China glaze for audrey
Konaded/ nail stamped with: China glaze Robotika (from the Khrome collection)
konad image plate: M63

**thoughts:  Robotika is from the China Glaze Khrome collection that includes the marvelous 2030 and millenium polishes....they are both wonderful polishes to stamp with but for some reason Robotika doesn't stamp very well.  When you stamp with Robotika the images are not very dark/ opaque or clean...when I look at my nails I can still see the base color (for audrey) showing through. =( 

Nail design 3:
Base coat: China glaze Innonce
Konaded/ nail stamped with: China glaze millennium (Khrome collection)
konad image plate: M70

**thoughts:  China glaze millennium is an incredible silver to use to stamp on your nails. It's opaque and produces very clean lines. I haven't found a silver polish that can stamp on your nails as good as millennium

My konad nail image plates are all bought from http://www.wowsocool.com/.  Note: wowsocool.com/ has the best shipping prices for Canadians.


Sneak peek!!!

I bought a pair of studded earring from the lovely GingerKittyDesigns.  I haven't gotten my earrings yet but she sent me a picture of them and I have to share them with you guys....

That's right...Liquid Euphoria Bliss earrings!!! woot!

you can find more about her here:

**I still need to reply to comments in my last post..I promise I will get to them ASAP!


  1. I love the first konad look!! And I definitely have to pick up some WnW Black for stamping..

    Secondly, the earrings are amazing - and they are studs?! I am in heaven! I might have to scope out a pair for myself as well (:

  2. Great post, love all three Konad designs.. makes me want Konad even more! lol

  3. Great job on the 'nadding....and nice colour combos!

  4. the zebra print one is so awesome =D!
    especially the base color really makes the whole design look chic.

  5. I really adore all of those manis. Very well done and they look awesome on you!

  6. Great stamping! Love the earrings, too!


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