> Patch work mani for arthritis

Patch work mani for arthritis

Posted on Sunday, March 27, 2011 | 8 Comments

This patchwork nail design was copied from chloe's nails!   she does amazing nail designs using house hold tape =)  My nail design is extremely crude because I was running out of time last night so I skipped a few steps. What you are suppose to to do is put on nail color 1,  let it dry, put tape on, put on nail color 2, let that dry, then put tape on again and then put on nail color 3.  I didn't have time to let the nail polish dry so I ended up free handing bits and pieces of the manicure.

So why the pink?  why the rush on the mani? why is tip wear so apparent in my nails? Well...  I ran 8 km for arthritis today and I did my mani especially for it =)  It's called DIVA on the run so it's only for women and pink was the chosen color =)

At the end of the race everyone got feather boas ..that were given to us my firemen  =)  ....okay..if you are wondering whether the firemen were hot or not I can't answer that question because by the time I had finished the race I thought I was dying and I had no idea what or who anyone was.  oh, the nice part about the race was that one of the sponsors was litcosmetics, they specialize in glitter so we had pink glitter tossed on to us =)  If you guys are interested in glitter make up go take a look at them because ..come on..who doesn't want a bit of glitter in their lives?

oh, I also won a t-shirt from the race, that's the t-shirt in the photo.   I am feeling extremely sick from the run right now =(  but hey, that's what you get when you run 8km without training...but for arthritis of course it's worth it =)


  1. I thinks it's really pretty i like the pinks and u did a great job for free hand and good job on the 8km I don't think I could do that

  2. You did an amazing job freehanding! I love it!!

    And of course, great job on participating in the run!!

  3. I like that mani! Nicely done even if it's freehand!

  4. so cute! you're on my blogroll! <3


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