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Sunday, February 20, 2011 10

Hi Darlings!!

I finally have time to post on my blog. This whole month has been a whirlwind for me. 
While considering my future I decided that it would be nice to have some income so I applied for a stock person position and got the job. I worked from 5am - 9am.  Waking up at 4 am in the morning was brutal! After a while I applied to another job and got that job... so the good news is that I am now employed as a laboratory technician at a research facility 30 minutes away from my house =) . It is kind of difficult to get used to the 8:30-5pm work schedule but I'm sure with time I'll be used to it (I've been unemployed since October)

I've gotten quite a bit of nail polish lately so swatches up later

I bought these polishes from livejournal: a crackle, Blue moon lagoon, my private jet (not holo)

this package was from Dolores:

this was from Laura.  She surprised me with an Inglot AMC lip gloss 525..it's a crazy fluorescence lipgloss

This was from the lovely Elizabeth.  Can you see the lovely Across the Universe?  drools, this was one of my number one lemmings =)

Side note: My contest ends today so get your entries in.  If it's Feb 20 somewhere in the world the contest entry will still be valid. =)

I still have a lot of other stuff to blog about but I'll save it for another day =)


Tuesday, February 8, 2011 Off

Hi guys!

I am sorry that I have been away for a bit. I have an exam on Feb 14 that will make or break my future job/ career so I have been working very hard to study for it ...so.. things have slowed down on the blog front right now.  BUT, I do have huge hauls coming in...well pretty huge =) . I do have my fingers crossed that I can get at least one valentines day mani up because I love valentines day!

just a quick recap:

1. Laura M was the winner of the Iphone/ ipod touch beauty manager app, I have contacted her

2.  Lovebeangirl was the winner of the $35 CSN giftcard, I have contacted her

So Congrats to the 2 winners.

3. I still have 1  giveaway happening
  • My 300 follower giveaway open internationally, closes feb 20: click here

By the way, I went to the MAC wonder woman launch party... I was really let down by it. The event was executed poorly...very poorly. I couldn't take any pictures of products or anything related to WW because MAC did not pay for the copyright fee for WW so yeah, the store was very very stingy about it. No nail polish bottle pictures or anything.  Other blogs have swatches and pictures..I guess their store was much nicer..mine just sucked.


The only Male Model at the party who was not going through puberty...with fruity drinks:

Swatches:  Pink to index finger/ pointer finger: MAC Mean and Green, Bad fairy, Obey Me, Spirit of truth


I bought MAC mean and green and bad fairy... I did not buy Obey Me, Spirit of truth.  Obey Me and Spirit of truth are part of the wonder woman collection...........they are so basic it hurts. Cream red and navy blue...that's it. I get wonder woman colors are red + blue..but what about having a gold polish or something? I took a picture with mean and green and bad fairy because they are awesome MAC colors compared to the plain red and blue.

I apologize, I still have to reply to comments from my previous post

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