> facecream!!! + animal testing

facecream!!! + animal testing

Posted on Sunday, March 20, 2011 | 3 Comments

I have super sensitive skin...it will suddenly become super dry or super red or super inflamed.  I have seen my family doctor and a dermatologist.  To help my skin recover my doctors recommended that I don't put anything on my face for 2 days.  No face cream, no make up, nothing.  After 2 days, I should use one of the 2 face creams pictured below for a week:

These 2 facecreams are very very light and dry very quickly.  They work well for my skin so yay!  BUT....both companies test on animals. =(  I am trying very hard to avoid companies that test on animals.  I'm writing this post to inform you guys about companies that test on animals I have 2 really good links that I want share with you guys


  1. Have you tried the Ultra calming line from Dermalogica? My mom has sensitive skin and this helped her a lot!

  2. wow! I can't believe so many product that I use or have used are tested on animals.


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