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Posted on Sunday, May 2, 2010 | 2 Comments

i've got a new camera so i'm hoping to get some really nice nail photos soon! yay

anyways since my nails are naked right now I thought I would post a few pictures that I took from a nail book. I just thought it was neat to drill a hole in your nail and screw in a diamond or a nail shield into it. it's interesting. I don't think you could not do this on natural nails, it would definitely weaken your nails.
1. drilling2. screw in diamond3. or screw in nail shield

rather neat eh?

oh btw i'll be having a giveaway and everyone who is a follower gets triple entries!! yay!!


  1. OO those screw look cool, I used to peirce my natural nails years back when that was the rage!! lol little hoops in them!

    oo those goddies look fantastic :-)

  2. I have a kit hanging around somewhere that I must've bought...15 years ago? That came with a tiny screw-type nail drill and a bunch of different colored, different sized rings. Kinda neat but the thought of ruining a nail horrifies me!! Maybe I'll do it sometime before chopping my nails...


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