> question first make up second nails third

question first make up second nails third

Posted on Monday, April 26, 2010 | 6 Comments

1. I'm ordering from head2toe beauty but i'm not sure what kind of shipping I should choose. I'll be in La jolla California for a week so I'm going to send my package there. there is a choice for USPS priority shipping, it only costs me about $7.00. head2toe beauty doesn't say how long it takes but when I googled USPS the website said that it takes 2-3 days to arrive at destination. UPS 3 days shipping costs $14. that's like double the price of usps but about the same shipping/ arrival time. What is the difference? Is USPS not reliable or takes more than 3 days?

2. Anyway make up look:
I wanted to enter a make up look to Glamorous Geek Chic's inspiration contest but I didn't have a good explanation for what inspired my look so I entered a nail design instead. But i'll post it here to show you guys who I am. well part of my face anyways.
here's the picture you worked with

here's what I came up with from looking at the picture for inspiration

3. Nails. This is the nail design I entered in the contest. everyone knows I hate glitter due to the removal ...but it's so pretty...so I used fake nails, glitterfied them, taped them on my nails, took pictures, removed them. hehehe. btw you can click on the picture to make the image bigger. I don't know why it looks so blurry on my blog. Funny thing is I didn't know doing a glitter gradient was so much work thought..I was exhausted after doing these nails. Anyway so go to Glamorous Geek Chic's website and check out the designs. If you are one of GGC's followers go Vote for the design you relate to the most.

-li lian


  1. You should have entered that makeup look! It's gorgeous, and I'm sure you could have come up with something great for an explanation! I love it!

  2. ohh i love the nails and make up good luck!!

  3. This is gorgeous!!!!! :) you need to start doing tutorials!!

    I posted up another picture for the Simple Styles it was with the pony pouf. I will do the other ones tomorrow and put them up so check my blog tomorrow:)

    I'm really sorry. I've been super busy!

    How long is your hair by the way?

  4. I love love love the nails!!!

  5. I love the nails. I saw the comp. but just couldn't come up with an idea. Good luck to you.


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