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I was entering a contest and one of the questions that we were asked to answer was:

”What adds a little bit opulence/decadence/luxury or simply what make you feel so RICH when you’re so not?”
My take on it was: when you feel done what makes you feel better?

My answer is 65 red roses --> http://65redroses.livejournal.com
She is a girl who suffered from cystic fibrosis and I remembered reading a post from her mother asking her what she missed the post in her life. She replied that she missed feeling the pressure change when you enter a supermarket, a hotel, any place with vacuum doors; she missed being able to sit at different heights in different chairs.Eva, the author, lived a majority of her life in a hospital bed at the same height.She inspired me to hang on and that my situation is not truly that bad because she appreciates the little things in life that we take forgranted. I never considered being able to sit in different types of chairs a luxury…but it is...for Eva.I have the privilege to sit in a chair or sit on the floor. One month before Eva passed away she recorded a message on youtube addressing the fact that she would pass away soon.People refer to it as her last message, her message on death.I think it takes a lot of courage to face death and to acknowledge it.Thinking about her and her courage makes me realize that I’ll be okay..it will pass…it’s nothing. So when I feel hopeless…I think of Eva,she didn’t give up, her hope never faltered, even when given notice that the end was near, Eva was hopeful she would get a lung transplant.My troubles are nothing compared to what Eva went through and her willpower and strengthEva and 65 red roses

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