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Nfu Ohs!!!!!!

Posted on Wednesday, January 5, 2011 | 15 Comments

For Christmas my awesome sister asked her friend in Hong Kong to get me some Nfu Ohs.  I could get Nfu Oh's  from fabuloustreet.com but with shipping to Canada and everything it is cheaper to buy them in Hong Kong..but the selection is not as great as the selection from fabuloustreet.com

 Left to Right:Nfu GS 14, Nfu 197, Nfu, 239, Nfu 122

I have swatches for the orange, blue, and green today

1. Nfu 197
3 coats, a burnt orange, slightly muted/ dusty. It is similar to OPI's Chopsticking To My Story but not as bright.  I don' t have anything that is similar to this in my collection (I also don't own a lot or orange in my collection)

Nail stamped with China glaze Robotika, using BM image plate 19

2. Nfu 239
3 coats, this color is similar to OPI Suzy says feng shui but slightly more teal and not as muted in color; therefore, brighter than OPI Suzy says feng shui

The bows come from a bow Nail Art Fimo cane that http://www.bornprettystore.com/ sent me for review

3. Nfu 122
3 coats, The only color that I can think of that is similar is maybe China glaze cherish...but even that color is much more pale and not as vibrant as this color. China glaze cherish is more of a mint green frost and this is more like a french grass green frost/ shimmer

Nail stamped with Avon Olive green, using konad image plate M63

The wear on these polishes were comparable to china glaze but not to OPI. I had some minor chipping on day 2 that I usually don't get when I wear OPI polishes. On the plus side, the bottles of Nfu ohs are huge! 17 mL is a lot of polish so that makes me happy.

You can see my past review on nfu oh 51 here


  1. All of pretty :) The black polish on the far left looks GORGEOUS! can't wait wait to see a swatch of it ^^

  2. Hmm, I think I will go to Hongkong this year, so I hope to check out some of the Nfu Ohs soon. I like the green and blue polish =)

  3. woow are wonderful these shades of nail polish,
    this is my favorite Nfu 239 ,xoxo !!!

  4. I think I'm starting to fall in love with Nfu-ohs. I only wish they were more available. :(

  5. NFU OHSSSS! so pretty! i really need some of those! and those fimo bows are so cute!

  6. I have GOT to get ahold of this plate 63! All the art looks fab on all the colors! Yay for awesome Christmas presents!

  7. Nice colours :) I love the Konad and nail art too!

    Can't wait to seethe sparkly black halo!

  8. The orange with Robotika is very interesting.

  9. OOOh! I love 239 (but I love teals) and I also love the bows with that color!

  10. Those cremes look gorgeous on you! Saving that holo for another post eh?

  11. These colors are absolutely lovely! Wish I could have an access to these lacquers, too. :) T

    hanks for following my blog! I'll return the favor with pleasure, I love it. :)

  12. Thanks for doing my survey. Good luck with your job-hunting!

  13. I hesitate to order from fabulous street too cause it's pricier. Good to know they are available in Hong Kong. I know they're not available in the Philippines. I wonder if they are in Taiwan? I can get my mom to get some (although she probably thinks it's a waste of $!).

  14. @kelly: I just finished swatching, it will be coming up soon!

    @naekubi: Yay for you! Hong kong apparently has a lot of interesting nail polishes and nail art supplies

    @Andreea: I really like nfu 239 too!! It’s a unique color

    @Rachel Marie: the bottles of nfu ohs really draw you in. how can you not love a beautiful bottle? I agree I wish they more avail too

    @katrina: you REALLY REALLY need to get some. Or at least 1 =) Ive finally figured out how to cut the fimo canes so yay!

    @Antoszewskia: plate 63 is my go to plate, it makes everything too nice. It was my very first konad plate.

    @Danielle: I just finished swatching the black nfu oh, pictures up soon =)

    @jaljen: Thank! I just couldn’t figure out what to use to stamp on top of the orange. Idon’t own a lot of orange so I didn’t have a dark orange to stamp on top

    @Fer: I really like 239 too!! I was wondering where you went..yoiu changed blogs!!

    @Varnish Vixen: 239 is gorgeous, I agree with you! I wish I had bows in all different colors

    @ABOP: yup, saving it for another post =) but I’m not super impressed with it sadly…

    @salla: I know, the polishes are so hard to purchase. It’s either buy online or don’t buy them at all. Living in hong kong would be awesome to just go into a store and buy these polishes

    @Kittypolishnbags: your blog name is very very cute =) it is pricey to order online..especially with the shipping =( I don’t know if they sell it in Taiwan. I know what you mean about people saying they are a waste of money …but I love nail polish too much! And it makes me happy =)


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