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Nfu Oh came in the mail!!!!

Posted on Wednesday, September 8, 2010 | 9 Comments

My lovely 51 arrived in the mail all safe and undamaged =) It was a long 2 week trip from San Franciso to Vancouver but 51 still looks as sexy as ever.

The application was awesome, smooth and dried rather quickly and it is 18 mL of polish...drools.
In the picture I applied 3 coats. You can still see the nail line if you squint but this is a jelly polish so seeing the nail line is rather common.
I wore 51 for 3 days at work and not a chip in sight..which makes me a huge fan since my nails really get a beating at work.

I think every person who loves nail polish should own something from nfu oh.  The bottle itself is gorgeous.  This polish was worth every penny.  =)

** I apologize for the middle picture being all distorted looking. I was trying to get a good angle of the flakies and when I took the picture the angle made the bottle look much thinner than its actual width.

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  1. HOT DAMN! that thing is gorgeous! *so jealous. i need to get myself some nfu-oh polishes!

  2. The color!

    The bottle!




  3. I love love love Nfu-Oh's. Beautiful color!

  4. I love that color! Looks great!

    I'm doing my very first giveaway! Come enter on my blog!


  5. Nfu-oh 51 is really gorgeous. It looks nice on you!

    Also, I tagged you with two blog awards. You can come pick them up at thephalangesfiles.blogspot.com!

  6. I loveeee that packaging! And the color is beautiful! :)


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