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I'm still alive!!

Posted on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 | 10 Comments

I'm sorry I haven't posted much recently, I've been super busy with job interviews. I started applying for jobs at the beginning of June and now suddenly i'm getting offered interviews all at the same time. This week has been rather hectic...and it's only Wednesday. ekk!

I have some quick swatches of OPI DS glamour that I got for $8.  This lady was selling several polishes onlin for a really good deal so I was @_@.  Must contact her and purchase ASAP.

Anyways, can you guys believe that glamour is selling for $28-32 on ebay? It seems too expensive. I'm sure that glamour will pop up in salons for the retail price of $12.50.  everyone just your eyes open okay?

Here are quick swatches of glamour (I apoligze, they aren't that great):

Under the sun =)

with flash

And for some light reading (elle magazine 2010)....your horoscope + matching nail polish (click on the picture to make it larger)

edit: so sorry, I was indeed missing one page.


  1. A swatch eh? So are you wearing this to all your interviews? haha

  2. oh! glamour is such a beautiful polish!! ;)

  3. Gorgeous color :o)
    Hey, I don't see scorpio listed :(

  4. wow! that is very expensive for one color! It is very beautiful though, I would love to wear that to a party or dance!

    I think one of the posts from elle magazine is missing, i do not see Sagittarius or Scorpio.

  5. @juli: exactly...only a swatch. nothing for interview. I also clipped my nails super short =(

    @katrina: it is pretty isn't it? do you own any opi dis?

    @Twister: I scanned the scorpio page! =) I'm so sorry I missed it.

    @ Beatriz: no thanks

    @ AnaisOdd: isn't it odd that it is so expensive? but then...essie starry starry night goes for over $100 and the clarin 233 (I think) goes for $150. You were right, I was missing 3 horoscope characters...I totally missed the page. All scanned up now =)

  6. @ twister: I can't leave you any comments!

  7. hey, i tagged you for an award on my blog ;)


  8. So beautiful polish! =)


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