> Hello Hello Gorgeous people!!

Hello Hello Gorgeous people!!

Posted on Wednesday, June 9, 2010 | 8 Comments

I had my first haul today! yay!  I never buy more than 2 polishes at one time but today I have 7 =) 
They were actually sent to me from lacquered lizard.  She is super awesome and fantastic! 

From Left to Right: Innocence, IDK, Electric Lilac, Wild at Heart, Worth the Risque, Fairy Dust, Passion

I've been feeling a bit blue since I haven't heard from any of the companies that I applied jobs for so I needed something sparkly to cheer me up...  Electric Lilac it was (part of the glitters collection).

Electric Lilac isn't seen around the internet much due to it's sheerness but I don't think its too bad.  It reminds me of the sweet younger sister of China Glaze Atlantis.
 It is not full of holograhic glitter like Atlantis, instead, the glitter is more of a pearl shimmer.  This is a good picture that explains what kind of glitter I'm talking about. (I took this image from nihrida's blog.)

I'll show you what Electric Lilac looks like for each coat until opaqueish.  BTW, the pictures can be clicked on to go super big!!!

 one coat

2 coats

 3 coats

4 coats

You can still see the VNL a bit but it's not very noticeable unless you really stare at your nails.
I think this and Atlantis are tied as my favorites right now =)

*** this is off topic but I wanted to mention it.
I've decided to apply as an organ donor. It is a simple process and I think everyone should consider it.  in some cities it is as easy as applying online and sticking a sticker on to your drivers license.  If anything should happen to you...your organs will be donated to someone who is in need of them. Please really consider it, if you don't apply to be an organ donor then the choice is up to your relatives.  I prefer to make my own decisions about my body (even though I love my family very much) and if I have the opportunity to save a life...why not?

-Li Lian

PS: my contest is still open so if you haven't entered go enter now!


  1. Interesting... Is it just me, or do they look a little purplish on camera?

  2. i wanna see the gold color pls :)

  3. oh! what a fun haul! such awesome polishes!! ;)

  4. Awesome haul. You got some goodies.

  5. Gorgeous polishes you got here. =)

  6. I applaud your taste. Those are all gorgeous.
    Fairy Dust is the only one I have and it's a very useful polish.
    Fab photos too.
    Really like your blog.

  7. those are all must haves!!! and i have been an organ donor since i was 18, which is the earliest you can do it??? i want all of my organs to be used if i die too. kinda gross, but so important!


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