> China Glaze OMG collection

China Glaze OMG collection

Posted on Friday, June 18, 2010 | 3 Comments

This is the beautiful holographic china glaze collection.  If you don't like holographic polishes then skip this first part.  Let's go back a bit.... there used to be the china glaze kaleidoscope collection, but now it is pretty much impossible to find unless you trade/ swap for it because it has been discontinued.
Now I know a lot of people several of the china glaze OMG collection on their lemming/ wish list... I wanted to let everyone know that NOW is the time to get them

They are almost obsolete like the china glaze kaleidoscope.  I was putting stuff into my cart at http://www.head2toebeauty.com/, I checked my cart ..then I refreshed the page and suddenly several of the OMG collection polishes in my cart were gone and when I went back to the website page the polishes were no longer listed. This happened all in 5 mins. I then went to http://www.8ty8beauty.com/ ordered some polishes from the OMG collection, I get an email from Tom (the guy in charge) telling me that sorry some of the OMG colors I ordered is no longer available, can I replace them with something. The color is still listed on the site and you can still add it in your cart but it isn't available anymore.  

here is how the choices look so far (including 2 color clubs):
  • OMG collection 
    • http://www.head2toebeauty.com: has all the colors but LOL, DV8, OMG, wireless holographic top coat ( but some of the colors listed may actually be out of stock but they didn't remove it, can't confirm this)
    • http://www.8ty8beauty.com: has all the colors but LOL, DV8, OMG, QT, IDK  (it lists LOL as avail but it is not longer available)
    • http://transdesign.com/: Only HAS GR8, TMI, TTYL
  • Color Club worth the risque
    • http://www.head2toebeauty.com: No
    • http://www.8ty8beauty.com: yes
    • http://transdesign.com/ : Yes
  • Color Club Revvolution 
    • http://www.head2toebeauty.com:No
    • http://www.8ty8beauty.com: No
    • http://transdesign.com/: Yes
I have purchased the colors I want already =)  DV8 was super hard to find but I found it yay!!

I've actually been very busy lately because of job interviews. woot woot! I had one today and 2 next week. 
This is what my nails look like at the moment:

China Glaze Innocence (very nice pink, easy to apply) and Sally Hansen White on Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear. Very simple for an interview. My nails are a lot shorter now actually because I have a laboratory interview and well...I can't go in with a french manicure. I feel that by going in with a French manicure they might not take me seriously because lab work in my field of animal biology = rough rough rough.  So now it's short with china glaze innocence to make it look neat.

And lastly....some pictures from April 2010 LouLou magazine (it's a vancouver magazine)
*click on the pictures to make it larger to read..I have no idea why they are random sizes...hmmmm


  1. all 11 china glaze omg collect becasuse I like to giveaway.


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