> China Glaze Passion and IDK

China Glaze Passion and IDK

Posted on Sunday, June 13, 2010 | 10 Comments

ipehishere asked for a swatch of China Glaze's Passion so here it is:

The polish was opaque in one coat.  I did 2 just in case. =)
It dried very fast and was very easy to apply. It's a very smooth and shiney polish, I think it's very sophisticated. I may have to buy more from the romantiques collection

China Glaze also has 2030 which is similar to Passion. I asked Kris pimps about the difference between 2030 and Passion and she said that "Passion is a little more yellow of a gold than 2030", I wanted a gold gold polish so I bought Passion. 

 Now I have swatches for China Glaze IDK!   2 coats, I used a base coat and no top coat.
It dried super smooth. sigh.  I love your IDK! 
The application was ok at best. It's true for all holographic ChG polishes..if you run your brush over the same spot twice the brush will remove some of the polish you originally had on that spot and leave you with bald patches.  The trick is to do it all with 1 sweep of the brush then let it dry and go over it again afterward.
So...I really really desperately need China Glaze LOLand DV8.  does anyone have any extra or unwanted used or unused bottles they want to sell to me?  Or does anyone want to split their bottle of LOL and DV8 and sell that to me?  I know some people split their bottles since they want to keep the color but don't need so much of it. I'm scouring MUA right now and ebay but the prices are jaw dropping. sigh~  Buying it online through one of the etailers will cost me about $9 a bottle...shipping and all =(

And a little something extra for you guys, I bought E.L.F stuff earlier this year and was given a free elle magazine subscription. I don't really read it but I Was browsing through it and I found this review on nail polish removers. I thought you guys might like it so here you go:  Click on the picture to make it bigger so you can read it =)  

I'm copying Delaynee on how she replies to comments, she always replies to them at the bottom of her posts:

@Juli: yup it is a purplish.  it's purple bluish...lilac =)

@ipehishere: your wish is my command

@Liz: it is a cute color isn't it?

@Katrina: I can't wait to see all your swatches from your never used yet basket =)

@susies1955: thanks so much for your comment. I can't wait to see your LA Colors "Color Craze" swatches. you have so many to use..and you are so lucky to find them at a dollar tree. the dollar tree at my place did have them..and now they seem to be not stocking it anymore. I'm always kicking myself in the bum for not buying any of them....except a top coat. Can you believe out of all the colors I bought a top coat?

@nihrida: you have some pretty extraordinary polishes yourself =) actually you have an awesome collection of polishes. And the way you take pictures of the polishes is awesome.  the color drops.  I have no idea how you do it but I like it!

@jaljen:You and I seem to have similiar nail polish tastes. sparkly and shiney =) I'm going to have to try out the fairy dust...the removal may be difficult.

@jbrobeck:  You don't have your wishlist up yet =(.  I too want all my organs to be donated. I was thinking between donate body to research or organ donation. I prefer organ donation.  They can even use you eyes/ the cornea.


  1. IDK....Me LIKE!!! Reminds me of early '80's disco! (ohhh, I am so dating myself!!)
    Your manis look awesome. :)

  2. i have been thinking about how to get better application out of the OMG's... have you ever tried the sandwich method with suedes or mattes? i am thinking OMG + TC + OMG (1 coat each) might work...

  3. Heyy! Love the new layout of your blog! And those colors - amazing!

  4. awww niceeee thanks for swatch of China Glaze's Passion !! great swatch and color ! u re really nice :))
    btw i like that magazine tips for nails :)
    love this post! :)

  5. oh my gosh; i love those colors!! so beautiful! =)

  6. @kimberly: 80s disco..for sure! I'm trying to purchase as many of these a possible right now

    @jbrobeck : i'm trying the sandwich method now after you posted it. I have a thicker nail strengthening topcoat on and then another layer of IDK. We will see how the chipping goes. The next day after I applied IDK it chipped. hopefully now it will last at least 3 days

    @Juli: i'm spending so much $$ on polish. blargh!

    @ipehishere: I'm hoping to get some more polishes soon yay! if you want anymore swatches of any other colors let me know k? I'll post my entire collection of polishes up when I get the other ones in the mail. I have another magazine on nail polish colors and your horoscope that i'm going to post up soon

    @Katrina: Katrina do you own any polishes from the china glaze omg collection? If not I think you should try to get them soon if you want them because they seem to be disappearing

  7. These are both gorgeous!
    I definitely need to add some OMGs to my collection...I don't have any. :(

    And how strange that the elle magazine people didn't try remove+.

  8. I am envy with you. those color so damn cute, and in my country there are no china glaze :(

    Edgy color ! :)
    Love your post

    Would you love to visit liz. secret rendevous & follow if you like

    thankies sweetie

    Pinta Lizti Irene

  9. I like to giveaway 12 china glaze omg collection.


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