> I'm employed!

I'm employed!

Posted on Monday, June 28, 2010 | 11 Comments

Hi everyone! 
I have great news!!!! I'm employed now!! woot! woot! Now I can fund my nail polish addiction.  

Here are some swatches for china glaze FYI ! I bought it because it is a holographic color but also somewhat appropriate for the office.....but i'm not working in an office..eh. I'm working in a science lab as a laboratory technician.  

Pro: Can wear any color nail polish
 Con: changes gloves 15+ times a day....polish chips very easily =(

I also filed down my nails since having longer nails just wasn't practical in the lab. I used to have very bad nail peeling, but I must say that ever since I purchased a glass file my nails are much better. 

I bought this file for $5.  7 inches.  The 5 inch one was $4 ...decided to get the 7 inch one..only a dollar difference. 
And here is my newest haul. I think I am at 30 polishes now. yay.  Left to right china glaze: TMI, BFF, 2NITE, TTYL, He's going in circles

Next item of business:  My giveaway.

The winner is:
Congratulations.   He/she has 72 hours to contact me.


  1. Congrats on the job (:

    I look forward to all the new polishes your pay cheques will bring in (((:

  2. Congratulations on the job. I like your nails. They're the perfect length.

  3. haha congratss for ur job!!! :D

  4. Congratulations for your new job! :)
    And this haul is really great too! Holos again. =) We really have similar thoughts on nail polishes! ;))

  5. yay! congrats on your job! ;) and second..im sooo jealous of that CG haul! =P

  6. Congrats on the job and to the winner!
    Very pretty color :o)

  7. Congrats on your job and to the winner too :)

  8. CONGRATS on your job! That is great news. :-) Your nails look very pretty, and I hope to have those CG polishes some day soon as well.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the nice comment. Feel free to follow me. If you'd like that is. :-)


  9. Congrats on the job. Nice haul and your nails are so pretty.
    Just a reminder to check out my new giveaway:

  10. @ Delaynee: thanks! I also look forward to all the new polishes =) but I am starting to get a huge collection of polishes that need to be tried…which is a good thing but also a bad thing because now I’m starting to get overwhelmed and don’t know what to try first..but I love love buying polish.

    @jaljen: thanks for the compliment =) you’re so sweet. I don’t know why but I never feel confident about short nails…I always think they look ugly on me. Your compliment made me all =)

    @Ipehishere: thanks! I’m excited for the job. The job market is rather ugly right now so I’m super excited I was able to find a job.

    @Kvacka: holos are awesome! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like holos. I always wonder how people make holos. What is added to it to make it all rainbow like. Some polishes it is holo glitter..but polishes like the china glaze OMG collection….how do they make it rainbowlike?
    @Katrina: I’m even more jealouse of your polish stash + your creativity

    @Twister: thanks so much! And…..you fixed your comment system on your blog!! Yay! I have trying to comment for soooooooo long.

    @Gabriela: thanks Gabriela. I hope to have another contest soon. I really like getting packages in the mail and I like sending them to0 and now with a new job = I can afford giveaways =)

    @Ali's Nail News : Of course I followed you, your blog is awesome I really like your nail designs. CG polishes are quite nice. They don’t sell them in Canada and I had to get some people from the states to send it up to me

    @susies1955: thanks for the giveaway reminder Susie. I entered and voted. It would be awesome if they opened for kiss. Would you be able to meet kiss?

  11. Thanks for the vote.
    I don't know if I would be able to meet KISS or not. :) They are more my age than our sons. LOL


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