> sneak peek!!!

sneak peek!!!

Posted on Saturday, June 19, 2010 | 8 Comments

I picked up 5 polishes today.  It cost me $30 Cdn, I think it was worth it =)
Swatches up later~

OPI DS in: Passion, Shimmer, Glamour
China Glaze: Grape Crush, Stroke of midnight

I may sell/ trade grape crush and stroke of midnight.  People on the MUA board told me to get it but i'm eh towards it but I haven't tried it yet 

contest results up soon!  I've been a bit busy with interviews this week (I have one on mon,tue, and friday. ) and it has been taking me a bit longer than expected to tally up all the entries..


  1. That looks like good value to me!!!!!

  2. OMG, are those OPI's in the boxes Shimmer and Glamour? They're on my WL forever...
    You lucky girl! =))

  3. @Jaljen: It seems expensive..but then what you realize what you are getting and how much it retails for it doesn't seem as expensive.

    @Kvacka: wow. you could actually tell it was shimmer and glamour? it's such a not clear photo. i'm really impressed

  4. shortnails, yeah, those are my HUUUGE lemmings, I don't have a long WL, but they are both on it. <3 And yes, we have an internet market place where people can sell their stuff in my coutry and it works great, but here in our country we can't get those polishes... But in shops they sell new Extravagance for example for 16 €. That's like 20 bucks. It sucks. =(
    So you're really a lucky girl!!! ;D

  5. so cute color !
    and bold :)

    would you love to visit liz. secret rendevous & follow if you like

    thankies sweetie

    Pinta Lizti Irene

  6. *hyperventilates*
    Omg, that's such an awesome haul!!
    Especially Grape Crush...so so gorgeouss. *___*

  7. You're really lucky to get those- 30cnd isn't much- compared to sometimes-ebay prices

    I've been lemming shimmer, glamour and grape crush forever :(


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