> I'm Back!!

I'm Back!!

Posted on Sunday, June 6, 2010 | 3 Comments

Hello everyone! I'm back from my vacation in San Diego. San Diego was quite nice but I missed home terribly.   
So...before I left for San Diego I had trimmed my nails and removed all the nail polish on my nails. I decided to  give my nails a break from nail polish while on vacation.  Well...the first thing I did back was ... my nails. =)

Simple French manicure nail of the day (click on the pics to enlarge)

What I used:
I used fauxnad  plate m32. It is similar to the konad plate m32 but with a few more patterns

Ingredients left to right: 
  • Petites Color Fever in Figi
  • L.A. colors art deco nail lacquer in white
  • Avon speed dry top shine
  • Avon smooth beginnings base coat/ ridge filler
  1. I started with a basecoat that also doubles as a ridge filler
  2. freehanded the french tips in Petites Color Fever figi
  3. applied a layer of avon top shine all over my nails
  4. stamped the nail pattern onto my smile line with white ( If I messed up I used a q-tip soaked in acetone to lightly remove the mistake.  The avon top shine protected my french tips from the acetone. When I rubbed the q-tip over my stamping error, the error and some of the top shine was removed but the french tip remained
  5. one more coat of top shine
  6. Finish =) yay!

btw my giveaway is still open so go enter =) 


    1. Really pretty.
      Hope your vacation was nice. We went there last year on the Harley from here in northern NY. Great place,

    2. hello! i am glad you found me now i found you! i love anyone who loves Starship Troopers! and those new Petites ROCK!!!!

    3. Very pretty (:

      Welcome back!!


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