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Pinks + Sheer colors + more OPIs

Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2011 | 12 Comments

I'm sure that all you guys have seen the evil staining on my nails 2 posts back. I want to say THANK YOU  for all your wonderful suggestions. My nails are now stain free...well the skin around my nails are now stain free. I still have some minor staining on my nails but nail polish can cover that, the skin was the big problem.  So what worked? Everything that you guys suggested.

1. I used a tooth brush (old, one that I wasn't using anymore..can you imagine using my current toothbrush? ewww) and covered it with make up remover and scrubed
2. I also used a sugar scrub on my hands daily
3. repeat.

By day 2 the green around my nails lightened A LOT! 5 days later..nothing. No evidence of staining =)  Dear readers, Thank you for all your suggestions!


I haven't been wearing nail polish for the last week so I have some old photos that I thought I would bunch together in one post. 

1. Here I have OPI Hollywood blonde stamped with konad image plate m57.
To see a swatch of hollywood blonde go here

 Image plate: konad m57
Stamped with: Sally Hansen nail xtreme white out 

Right before removing my polish I gave myself pink french tips using China glaze strawberry fields. As you can see.. I did a very sloppy job with the french tips.

I think OPI hollywood blonde will always be my favorite office wear/ interview nail polish

2. We have OPI Princess rule!  I bought this for $5 and I use it as nail polish filler....as in when my nails are naked and gross looking and I'm about to go out... I'll slap this polish on because I know I will remove it in a few hours.  I don't really care too much for this polish and I won't be worried if I use it all up.  On a side note, if you can't find OPI hollywoodblonde you could purchase OPI Princess rule! as a substitute because they are quite similar.


I stuck on some fimo? candies to my thumbs..I think they are fimo.  www.bornprettystore.com sent these to me for a review. They were part of a plastic wheel full of various decorations. I wish that they sold the candies individually..the plastic wheel contains 2 pink candies, and 2 fuchsia candies, I would love to be able to purchase just the candies.  You can check out the plastic wheel of dessert fimo these here: http://www.bornprettystore.com/product_info.php?cPath=67_157&products_id=282

3. OPI Passion, this is my favorite OPI DS nail polish. I own Ds shimmer, Ds original..and used to own Ds glamour (But i'm giving that away)

I just think that this polish looks gorgeous and is very verstile. You could wear it at the office and then for a night out. It's a feminism dainty pink with holographic properties =)

Here's my most recent haul:
OPI: Lincoln park after dark suede, We'll alway have paris suede, Ink suede, Nfu oh 69, Deborah Lippmann Lady sings the blues, Nina ultra pro purple xing

 The OPI suede collection will always be my favorite OPI collection of all time. I own everyone except suzi skis in the pyrenees suede and Here Today Aragon tomorrow suede.
I own orly iron butterfly and felt that it was close enough that I didn't need to get suzi skis in the pyrenees suede...for Here Today Aragon tomorrow suede, I didn't get it because it wasn't part of the original suede collection and therefore the finish was a bit different from the others .. i'm not a fan of it the finish.


Hello new followers! Welcome! I've hit 400 followers now because of you guys..(~433)..so I was thinking that I would add to my current giveaway..but no..instead i'll have another giveaway afterwards  =)  this way we can get in more winners. 

**I still need to get caught up on my comments, I apologize. Some people have asked me what fauxnad plates I am giving away, I will post a bigger picture of the plates up


  1. OMG!! I JUST picked up the Nina Ultra Pro purple xing last week...I noticed it out of the corner of my eye (I never even look at the Nina polishs for some reason) and I couldn't leave the store without it!! lol! Great choice ;)

  2. i hate nail stains too. what i do for instant at-home-remedy is to make a paste out of baking soda & lemon extract. i massage it for a couple of minutes & it will remove the stains. if you will do it too, just make sure that you moisturize your cuticles afterward with a balm or cuticle oil for it could zap away the moisture on your cuticles.

    i think those ribbons are acrylics, aren't they?
    but whatever they are, they sure are adorable!

    that opi holographic sire is nice!
    i agree that it is very versatile!

  3. I never liked pink that much, but seeing the OPI pics I might have to reconsider... :)
    Nice haul by the way!

  4. wow!!.. Great mani you have there hun.. Absolutely gorgeous..

  5. OMG! I'd love to see the Ink suede swatched. And the konad is so cute on the first photos. I'm glad your nails are clearing up.

  6. Love your pink tips! Purple xing is one of my faves!

  7. i LOOOVE that stamp design! so adorable! and i love that OPI holo polish. i really need more holos in my life~ and what a nice haul! i need more hauls too :P

  8. I really, really like the first mani photo - using OPI Hollywood Blond - it looks so.. fresh? I think that is the word I want to use!!

    I still need to get my mitts on some Nfu polishes.. That will need to be added to my lemming list asap - maybe then I will remember!!

  9. @Catherine: I can’t wait to use it! And they are such a good deal too!

    @~tHiAmErE~: I will try out your recipe..it sounds fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing =) And the ingredients are house hold things so it makes me even more excited to try it out.

    Are they acrylics? I have no idea. They seem kind of plastic like….

    @naekubi: I’m also not a huge fan of pink…but I think I’m starting to like soft pinks that are not too in your face .

    @-AnGiEpInK-: thanks !

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: I feel kind of bad making you now want to buy more suedes…but they are GORGEOUS!

    @Freshie: I haven’t swatched purple xing yet…but I think I know that it will be one of my favs too!

    @Katrina: you can never have too many holos!!! More is needed!!! They make me happy…but I remember from a tweet that you said holos don’t make u happy =(

    @Dee: fresh…hehehe. It’s just so subtle..and pretty. Makes me feel all classy…even in sweat pants and a tshirt with holes in it.

  10. All of these are gorgeous!! I love the konad you did over hollywood blonde.
    And sorry that Princesses Rule didn't sweep you off your feet. :(

  11. I have got to pull out my bottle of DS Passion; such a pretty color!

  12. @ChaosButterfly: it did make me sad that it didnt sweep me off my feet..but I do like to use it as a backup office/ interview polish

    @KarenD: IT is a pretty color! I really like scattered holos.


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