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Nfu Oh GS 14 + La colors metallic

Posted on Friday, January 14, 2011 | 23 Comments

Here's the swatch for Nfu Oh GS 14 ( part of the Nfu oh glitter series).  It is a jelly black full of holographic glitter.  I used 3 coats.  When the polish dried it was not very gritty so I only needed to apply one coat of top coat to make it smooth.  The wear for this polish was exceptional, it lasted 5 days no chips (this might have been because this is a glitter polish).  The removal was a bit difficult (which is usually the case for all glitter polishes) but left no staining so yay! 


Icing has a polish that is similiar to this polish called Blackout but from the pictures that I have seen, the glitter in the icing blackout polish is finer/ smaller than the glitter in Nfu oh Gs 14. I wish I had an Icing blackout to do a comparison for you guys =(

  Alizarineclaws has a really great comparison for black polishes + holographic glitter polishes so go check it out if you can't purchase the Nfu Oh GS 14
I stamped my ring finger with Bundle monster plate 21+ china glaze millennium
The next color I have is from the LA colors color craze metallic collection.  This is a metallic green with no name, there is a number etched on the glass that is different from the other color crazes I have, the number is either 81 or 18.
This is a metallic polish that leaves no brush strokes and has glass flecks of green in it. It is a very pretty color that required only 2 coats.
I decided to add some fimo flowers from a fimo cane that I got from Bornprettystore.com
At first it was a bit difficult to cut thin slices off the cane but I think I've gotten the hang of it now.
*my middle finger chipped =(
As pretty as this polish was...it was a Nightmare to remove!!!!!!
Look at my fingers!! argh!!! Look at the staining!!! I used Nubar's Nu nails as a base but the polish still stained. Next time..if I ever use this polish again I think I will use a base coat + a top coat.

So....Do you guys have any suggestions on how to clean up my nails/ fingers? I used nail polish remover with acetone..and well..the staining is still just as bad.  argh!  I think im okay with the nail being stained but the skin around my nails are green too! =(

once again.. arGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!! :-O!!!

    I'm thinking makeup remover soak over night in gloves maybe? oh that's awful! I'm so sorry that you're dealing with that.

  2. The black is absolutely gorgeous! I don't have any ideas how to deal with the staining... I've never had such a bad staining on the skin. All I can think of is that it'll wear off slowly. :/

  3. Love both all that you've made..

    Awww..Always happen to me too even though already remove with nail polish remover.. Especially using red and black nail polish..

  4. @elizabeth: at first I read use nail polish remover instead of make up remover..and I Was like what???!! can you imagine that? my hands would be raisin dry. i'll try the make up remover, I didn't even think of using it.

    @Salla: I also have never had such bad staining..I have had really bad staining on my nails but not the skin around it and the cuticles. yes, I know it will wear off..but I can't put any polish on right now or it will look weird..but i guess it's good so that my nails can me naked and have a break

    @silence is loud: I agree! I really like it =)

    @Angiepink: I actually haven't had a problem with red or black..the problem i've had is with this green adn blues. cream blues always stain on me

  5. I didn't felt any difference between KIKO Makeup Fixer and normal loose powder. My makeup lasts the same and my skin feels oily about 3 or 4 hours after I applied it.

  6. Wow that's some awful staining! Usually I use nail polish remover and just wipe my fingers and it's gone. The remover I use isn't even 100% acetone.

  7. oh wow, that's some serious staining. Hope it comes off soon...!

  8. OMG, that is some serious staining! I love the polish, though, too bad about the finger staining though. Maybe a nice soak followed by a sugar scrub will help...but I really don't know. :(

  9. Use more nail polish remover and use it on cotton pads and change cotton pads after you've cleaned every nail so you don't use the same dirty cotton pad on all the fingers :) It works for me

  10. Ugh, I'm sorry you had such terrible staining! I've never had staining that bad on my actual fingers (though my nails are still partially stained yellow from the time I used Orly Retro Red without a base coat...stupid). The only thing I can think of is maybe giving your fingers a good scrubbing with a nail brush or old toothbrush. Maybe taking some of the dead skin off the surface would help? I hope you find a solution!

  11. The Nfu-Oh is dreamy!I need it!I saw the comparison, and now I want all of them :p
    The green one is really lovely too!I'd so have this colour on my toes on summer :D
    Thanks for sharing!x

  12. omg, that staining from the LA Colors polish...! o____O wahh! buttt, that Nfu Oh polish is gorrrrgeous!

  13. I've never seen staining like that before!
    Hmmmm.... I know it's too late now, but before removal, would a thick lotion or cocoa butter around the nail help minimize the staining?

  14. o my god! it's panic if I would find my nails so stained :(

  15. The Nfu.Oh one is gorgeous. If I were to create a nail polish for myself, I'd do the same thing. I so fell in love with GS 14 :P

  16. Oh that horrible staining is the worst. I have a tip to remove nail polish that stain or hard to remove like glitters. You take a cotton ball and put some acetone on it then place it on you nails then take some aluminum foil and wrap its around your finger with the cotton ball on your nail. Make sure it nice a tight do that to all your nail and wait a couple of minutes. After waiting twist a little and pull them off and all the polish comes right off.

    Here a youtube video on how to by SayanythingBr00ke


  17. Oh my goodness--that staining! Sorry that happened but glad you shared the pic as a warning.

  18. Wow! Those are serious stains! Next time try using the "foil method" to remove the color, it less messy and prevents staining the fingers and cuticles..yikes!!!!

  19. Where did you get the LA Colors? I haven't been able to find any since the dollar store... LOL

  20. @Becky = aawww…I was hoping it would make the makeup last even longer and no oils at all..well one can dream right?

    @Cheryl = this is the first time that this type of staining has ever happened to me. It’s odd isn’t it? It might be the brand la colors? I’m reluctant to try the other colors

    @Cali369: It’s finially off! 1 week later…a bit of staining on the nails but it’s off my nails finally!! Yay!

    @Varnish Vixen: thanks for the suggestion of the sugar scrub it did help a bit =)

    @sana_jonsson95: that’s a good suggestion, I used the same cotton pad for every 2 fingers, next time I will use one for each finger.

    @zara: tooth brush + make up remover + suger scrub = repeat = gone in a week!! Yay! It worked out great!

  21. @ria: I want them all too!! They are similar..but NOT DUPES so I’m justified in getting them all. Black and holo glitter drools =)

    @Katrina: I know right? This is my very first La colors I have ever tried so Im curious if it’s due to the brand..or maybe I have a bad bottle?

    @Jeanie: me either! That’s a good idea, kind of like when you dying your hair and you but on cream to the areas you don’t want to get dye on, I’ll try that next time

    @Alice: trust me..I panicked big time >.<

    @Marjo : thanks! There are so many nail polish colors I want to create. I love love love glitter

    @KarenD: I’ll test try another la color polish to see if it is just this color or all la color polishes that stain this badly

    @jackie: good idea! Foil it is! I just hadn’t anticipated the staining to be that bad

    @Juli: I won them in a giveaway, but I have seen them at superstore

  22. The Nfu Oh GS 14 is gorgeous,



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