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Happy halloween y'all!!!!

Posted on Sunday, October 31, 2010 | 14 Comments

Just a post to wish everyone who celebrates halloween to have a great one =)

I didn't do any halloween nails but I did carve a pumpkin for a contest.  I came in first place and won $100 so that was pretty great....I didn't post much last week because the pumpkin carving destroyed and stained my nails pretty badly....ekk.

I followed Ray Villafane's tutorial found here: http://www.villafanestudios.com/pumpkins.htm?fark

I also wanted to share with you guys my favorite nail polish of ALL TIME!!!This is the one nail polish that did it for me, the one nail polish that cemented my love for nail polish.  I bought this polish about 10 years ago, it is a shimmer metallic blue.  I'm sure china glaze has a dupe for it but I will always be faithful to this bottle/ brand/ color. There's nothing left in the bottle since everything has evaporated but I still keep this polish bottle because I am emotionally attached to it.

*Note: the pictures don't do justice to the color since all the color pigments have changed over time.

I would like to introduce:  Covergirl's Nailslick polish in Deep blue sea!!

So there you go, this is the one polish that did it for me.

If you guys own it and don't mind parting with it please email me at shortwidenails@hotmail.com. I would love to buy it from you, new or used.

by the way, in the photos I am wearing China glaze Dorthy who


  1. WOW, this pumpkin looks awesome!

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are awesome! truly! are you an artist?

  3. wow!!!! super pumpkin!! you are a master of carving!!

  4. This pumpkin is amazing, I've never seen anything like it.
    I don't own this polish, but I wish you good luck finding it=)

  5. daaaaaamn. that pumpkin looks so freakin awesome~

  6. Amazing carving!

    Replying here to your comment about my blog's front page so you'll be sure to see it: I haven't made any changes but that's not to say blogger didn't do something. I'm not seeing that same behavior, though. Can you tell me if it's still doing it, and if so, what browser you're using and what URL you're going to? Thanks!

  7. Oh my goodness! That pumpkin is sooooooooo detailed. Amazing! No wonder you won first place!

    I also love the nail color. You are so talented.

  8. Great job on the pumpkin! In response to your question on my blog, yes, BeautyMark is an actual store in Yaletown that you can visit. They're on Hamilton Street; you can find their address online.

  9. that pumpkin is so cool LOL XD.
    i tagged you in my most recent post [award]
    check it out !


    - kathy ♥

  10. Great pumpkin and that color is gorgeous :)

  11. That pumpkin is AMAZING!! You definitely deserved first place - congrats (:

  12. @Delaynee: thanks! your pumpkins are awesome too!! I wish somehow I could have incorporated a candle because your pumpkins look really great all lit up!

    @Jackie: thank you for your kind comment on my pumpkin =) it is a gorgeous color that I would give anything to get again.

    @Gryffindorx3: thanks for the award I'll post it up on my coming up post. =)

  13. @Lisa: thanks, I wasn't sure if it was only an online store or an actual store I could go into

    @Zabrinah, thanks for you sweet comment. maybe next yr I can see a pumpkin you carved? =) you have a very interesting blog...i will have to comment on you blog to ask you more..........I think I love your blog =)

    @Karen: hey karen, i'll try to get a screen cap for you next time, it was prob a blogger glitch.

  14. @katrina: thank you!! that's what happens when one graduated from school and is unemployed...more time to do things I Actually want to do and I like

    @colorfulbottle: thanks for your kind comment =) I didn't know much about pumpkin carving until I watched it on tv..and apparently it is a huge competition thing among carvers. and when there are no more pumpkins people carve watermelons..and snow..and they do sand sculptures.

    @alice.. haha, not a master carver..more like junior baby carver =)

    @jbrobeck: you are so sweet.that is the nicest compliment ever. But unfortunately, I am definitely not an artist..I wish I was one =) I followed the picture tutorial so you can do it too =) maybe next yr ?

    @nihrida : thanks for your kind comment. you have awesome artist skills and would love love love to see you carve or sculpt something.


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