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Posted on Tuesday, October 12, 2010 | 19 Comments

Today I have 6 piggy polish colors to share with you all!

Miss Julie Lown, the owner of Piggy polish, offered to send me some samples.  I had expected 1 or 2 but she surprised me with 6 polishes.  This is extremely generous of her and I was completely shocked when I recieved the package. Miss Lown did not ask for a review or anything in return but I am doing a review anyway because that's what I do with all my polishes =)

Piggy polish is marketed as a polish that goes on toes but it works perfectly well on hands as well.  It actually wears as well as OPI.  I did a comparison between the wear of OPI and piggy polish at the bottom of this post and I 'm pretty impressed.

Oh yes, these polishes can be bought online at https://www.piggypolish.com/order/

These polishes all come with toe rings =)
L to R: Baby, I love your waves, LIME alright, Keep it teal, HOT attack, Schooner or later, Yacht-a Yachta-a

2 coats are applied unless otherwise stated.

The first color we have is part of the Fall 2010 collection: Baby, I love your waves.
  It is a suede polish, almost matte but slightly shinier =)
This polish dries incredibly fast, because of that, I used it on my 3 year old niece's hands since doesn't really like to wait for polishes to dry.


Here's a  guest appearance from my niece =)

The next color is LIME alright, another fall 2010 color. 
This color is a matte, not a suede like the previous color.
This is a crazy mustard color that I love.
This polish also dries incredibly fast.

Okay, this color does not work well on my toes, it just doesn't match my skin tone but it does look awesome on my nails.

the next color is Keep it teal
It has some shimmer in it that makes it appear almost frost like but not quite

the next color is HOT attack
I'm pretty bad at identifying colors but I think I would classify this color as a yellow frost (please correct me if I am wrong)
I had trouble capturing this color: here it is under natural light (Sun)
Here it is with the room lights on

the next color is Schooner or later, it is a super bright pink but I would not classify it as a neon pink

the next color is Yacht-a Yachta-a (crazy spelling eh?)
This is a crazy color because it is a purple jelly!  I have been looking for a jelly ever since I saw the Jessica Jellies.  I do own Jelly's like China glaze Atlantis and electric lilac but they are full of glitter, I honestly do not own a jelly with nothing in it. I think this color would be awesome for gradients..but of course the flaw of the jelly polish is the visible nail line.

Sorry! I seem to have deleted the toe image for this polish =(

Just in case anyone was wondering what the brush looks like:

It is similar to a china glaze brush.  

These pictures are from my pentax camera, not the Canon camera; therefore, the pictures aren't as nice.

So, in one corner we have OPI Jade is the new black, in the other corner we have Piggy Polish Keep it teal

Before I left my job I wanted to test Piggy polish versus OPI.  OPI is the only brand that wears well for me at work. My job was really hard on the nails and caused a lot of chipping/ breaks due to the fact that I had to keep changing the rubber gloves I wore (I wore over 25 pairs of rubber gloves each day).  Any other polish brand (besides OPI) chips instantly at work. 

I alternated my fingers with OPI and Piggy polish.

DAY 1 Sunday: freshly applied, did not go to work today

DAY 2 Monday: After work I took a picture of my nails

DAY 3 Tuesday: second day I went to work, I took a picture right after I came home

As you can see the wear is almost the same...piggy polish might even have better wear than OPI as you can see in the above comparisons images.


  1. I have one Piggy Polish, and I love it! These are all very pretty.

  2. amazing colors! my fave one is the fist! the comparison is very interesting :) thanks for sharing!

  3. Great swatches! Thanks for the comparison.

  4. Great looking polishes. Baby, I love your waves is gorgeous.

  5. I like the first one best but they are all nice.
    It is great that you got them all to try. :)

  6. nice swatches; i like LIME alright!~ :)

  7. I am currently an owner of one piggy polish - I think I will testing it out soon - especially after you showed the wear comparison!!

    AND! I love the name of 'Baby, I love your waves' because I am singing the song, but instead of ways, saying waves.. Ah such a nerd am I!!

  8. I love Baby, I love your waves but I don't see it on the website =(

  9. Wow, all of these are very pretty colors. And cute toe rings too

  10. Interesting wear test, thanks! I didn't realize Piggy Polish did mattes, and I sure didn't know about that purple jelly--I'll have to keep an eye out at Ulta.

  11. Awesome swatches!!
    I like Baby I Love Your Waves best...nothing like a matte shimmer.
    And your niece has such cute hands!! They're so little, lol.

  12. I love it!

    I'm your new followers.


  13. I must say your findings didnt shock me! I work for Piggy Polish and your article made me very happy! Thanks for the great review it made me smile!


  14. I never tried Piggy Polish, but I really want to! they don't ship internationally, right? :(
    I looove Baby, I love your waves !

  15. Cute bottles! I love the first color the best!

  16. @zara: they have great colors don't they? and i love the one you have...dark jelly + red glitter? yes!

    @Alice : thanks for your comment, i think my fav is the first one too..but the mustard one is a crazy color that oddly attracts me

    @ABOP: i love seeing other people do comparisons so i was like..what the hey I have opi on my desk right now let's try and see which is better

    @Lois: guess what? baby i love your waves is gonna be online by the end of the month AND they do ship internationally =)

  17. @Steffie: baby i love your waves is gorgeous, it got me hooked onto satin polish and now i'm slowly purchasing the entire OPI satin collection =)

    @susie:thanks for your comment, I like the first one too! but come on..what about the crazy mustard color? that one keeps calling out to me =)

    @katrina: yay! someone else liking LIME alright too! it's a funky color ain't it? sure looks not great on my toes but the color is just so unique.

  18. @ delaynee: you better start using the polish asap! they are awesome polishes! now that you mention that song...I now have that song stuck in my head =/..the bob marley one right =)

    @stinky: they will be one the website by the end of the month =)

    @Twister: the toe rings are like a bonus! a kinder surprise. yummy chocolate + a toy

    @karend: i also did not know they did jellys or matte. I think they are branching out.... which I think they are doing a great job. The jelly is pretty awesome. i find it hard to find jellies without glitter in them

    @ChaosButterfly: i'll let my nice know she has cute hands =) matte shimmer...i'm starting to collect the entire opi suede collection...even though i was on a nail polish ban...ekk

    @Oje Delisi: i'm following you too!!! yay!

    @Shell: thanks for your comment, I wasn't very familiar with piggy polish but now that i've been introduced to them i'm very impressed.

  19. I ABSOLUTELY LURVE your Toesies! These are awesome swatch phoTOES (lol). I wish I could take a decent picture of a hand/foot shot. And this makes me feel silly to admit, but I had NO IDEA those little rings were toe rings...DUH to me. I loved the whole post. Thanks for letting me know about it.


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