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CSN Stores product review

Posted on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 | 1 Comment

So guess what everyone? I was offered the opportunity to become a CSN stores Preferred Blogger!  This is a great opportunity because I will now have the opportunity to hosts more sponsored giveaways from them!!! Yay!

Btw, I don’t think I ever announced on my blog who the winner of the last giveaway was so....the winner was Jen, the Polish-Aho​lic blogger (Don't worry, I contacted her right away after the contest ended). As the winner of the CSN giveaway I believe she will be purchasing nail polish from csnstores.com so yay for her.

Thank you to all of my readers that entered the giveaway and checked out the CSN stores website.

So...as a CSN stores Preferred Blogger I can now review one of their products for myself. I have yet to have the opportunity to purchase something from them for myself, so this will be a great opportunity. 

I haven’t quite decided what item I want to review from CSNstores since they have over 200 affiliated websites.  I didn’t realize it but they actually sell large furniture items like nightstands, mattresses, and beds. 

  I actually have my eyes set out on either the pyrex dish set or a scientific calculator =) I need the calculator for a test that’s coming up..so yes..=)

Anyhow, If you have not had the opportunity to check out what CSN Stores has to offer, please do! 


  1. They have so much it keeps me there for hours! Terrible, but in such a wonderful way.


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