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MAC bad fairy

Posted on Saturday, October 2, 2010 | 9 Comments

Finally a new post!! yay! I also got my camera back from my brother in law so pictures again!

Today I am featuring the newest polish in my collection....MAC bad fairy.  It was released with the MAC Venomous Villians Collection on September 30. This is under the Villains maleficent line (from sleeping beauty).

This is 3 coats. The first coat is incredibly sheer but it builds up to be opaque.  I would say that this polish is a glitter frost duochrome.

Yes, it is a duochrome. It goes form a dark cranberry red to a gold orange.I tried to capture the duochrome in the bottom picture.

A lot of people have said that OPI's the show must go on from the Burlesque collection is a dupe for bad fairy, this is not the case. I do not own the show must go on but I do have pictures from other bloggers that own both and did a comparison.

The first blogger that did a comparison is http://lacquerluster.blogspot.com/

Left Bad fairy, Right the show must go on

The Second blogger that did a comparison is http://www.alllacqueredup.com

I think that the main difference is the color.  Bad fairy is more cranberry red while the show must go on is a cherry red.  I prefer bad fairy because it works better with my skin tone compared to a cherry red.  Bloggers have also stated that the gold orange duochrome is more apparent in Bad Fairy compared to the show must go on.

Here's a little chart made in ms paint to show the difference between Bad Fairy and the show must go on:

and here's a sneak peek for my next post:


  1. Bad Fairy looks great, but how long was the wear time? Generally MAC polishes chip easily (in 2 days for me).

  2. Great input into this post. I wish I could like reds because Bad Fairy would be a great one to own...I just don't care for them on me but I like looking at them. ;) Have you tried Piggy Polish before? I haven't and really need to make a purchase of them soon.

  3. @jbrobeck: thanks! I think this chart helps with people who can't decide which one to get or if bad fairy is sold out.

    @Marjo: you are right, MAC does chip in 2 days compared to OPI. Not as great of a formula so I reapply a line layer of top coat on everyday

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: I'm on the same boat as you...I don't really care for reds but I fell into the hype for bad fairy (I mean I don't even own ruby pumps). Piggy polish is actually quite incredible. It has the lasting strength of OPI.

  4. this is really pretty, i kinda want it but isn't MAC like 14$, i'd rather get an O.P.I, or like a few China Glazes for that much money.

    - kathy ♥

  5. The comparison chart is a great idea!

  6. Very pretty! If MAC wasn't so expensive, I'd totally get it.

  7. That polish is gorgeous! Some year I will gain the courage to buy some MAC polish. And my courage, I mean I won't be so stingy with thee old wallet!!

  8. @Gryffindorx3 : yes, MAC is expensive I paid $15.50...but I have paid more for an OPI than $15.50...ekk.

    @KarenD: thanks karen, much appreciated =), trying to help people out on which they should get

    @Zara: MAC is expensive..but I wanted the colors so bad. I bought 2: bad fairy and mean and green, I really wanted the mean and green dupe which is orly space cadet but I can't get it here in canada so I bought MAC

    @Delaynee:nfu oh was about the same price as my mac. the most $$ polish for me is DS original OPI. I think that was $21. eek


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