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Avon vintage blue + konad

Posted on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 | 4 Comments

Hi readers!

I haven't posted in a while..I've been rather busy with halloween pumpin carving =)

Before I go into today's post I wanted to address the piggy polish question that keeps popping up in my email.  A lot of you have been asking me when Piggy Polish baby I love your waves will be available online (if there's an ulta nearby they sell Piggy Polish too).  I contacted Julie Lown, the owner of piggy polish, and she informed me that baby, I love your waves will be available on sale by the end of the month =) and they do ship internationally..yay! 

Back to today, I am reviewing Avon's vintage blue.
This is 2 coats + top coat.


*second coat opaque
*I didn't find it chalky
*cheap, $2.99 canadian
*good brush, similar to a china glaze brush which I like
*the wear was great, the polish in the pictures is 4 days old

*first coat was streaky
*without a top coat it wasn't as shiny as I would have liked to it to be

So konading time!! I had trouble deciding what polish to konad with.

The first konad I did was using china glaze DV8 and the image plate m78
(these nails haven't been cleaned up yet so they still look rather messy)

It looks alright but I wasn't really happy with it so I removed it and rekonaded with Avon's mirror shine polish in glisten.

I like the 2nd konad better using avon glisten better =)

Tell me which konad you guys like! 

btw: I konad with the double ended stamper I got from delaynee, and I love it!  it is way easier to stamp with a double ended stamper than the short one sided stamper.


  1. i just bought Vintage Blue a few weeks ago..and i looove it too :)

  2. I like the 2nd one :] Do you really like the konad? I am trying to determine whether or not I want to invest in it...

  3. @katrina: isn't the avon blue awesome? the application is wonderful. Avon has really been impressing me

    @Glamour and Grace: I do like the konad...although sometimes I dont have time and maybe I have a few too many plates but I do like being able to add a little something extra to my nails to make them stand out a bit more

    @YinGreed: Thanks so much for your kind comment. I like this mani too =) I love your nails designs, they are very pretty and inspiring =)


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