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MAC mean & green and Hard Candy Mr wrong

Posted on Wednesday, November 3, 2010 | 5 Comments

I want to thank everyone for their kind comments on my pumpkin. It was very fun to do. If anyone has time next year, why not try to carve out your own pumpkin =) Anyone can do it! I managed to carve out something and I'm not artist so I'm sure you guys can do it too. I  followed the picture tutorial provided by Ray Villafane which I linked to in my previous post.

Onto the nail polishes for today....

Today I am featuring 2 nail polishes that I think are somewhat similar.  We have MAC's Mean & Green (which is a dupe of Orly Space cadet) and Hard Candy's Mr. Wrong

First is MAC's Mean and Green:
This is 3 coats

  • Gorgeous purple/ green/ gold duochrome
  • Did not chip for 3 days
  •  Expensive compared to Orly, based on price and quantity
 I would rather purchase Orly's space cadet because it is cheaper and there is a lot more in the bottle but since I live in Canada it is very difficult for me to obtain Orly; thus, I caved and bought MAC

Next we have Hard Candy's Mr Wrong
This is 3 coats

Hard Candy Mr wrong is a metallic dark purple with gold flecks in it.
   I guess the only similarity it has with Mean and green is that it is a dark metallic color.

  • I like the color
  • I love the name
  • It comes with a cute ring (seen in the picture)
  • Sally Hansen xtreme has a dupe called purple gala and I believe that it is slightly cheaper than Hard Candy
  • I did not like the brush, I felt that it was a bit too thin
  • it chipped on me on the second day of wear

And finally, a simple nail stamp design
The base color is hard candy Mr. wrong
I stamped using BM plate 04
I placed on half the design china glaze passion and on the other half I placed sally hansen xtreme white on

On a side note, I wanted to introduce a  new nail blogger:

She sent me a very kind email asking for a few nail ideas and color combinations, I'm not the greatest at  matching and konading (still learning here) but I tried to help her out as much as I could.  If you guys have any great ideas or tips it would be great if you could share it with her =) 


  1. pretty :D
    and haha no, it's an actual law apparently LOL. they were talking about it on the news in NYC a few days before Halloween.
    honestly I'm not like a 'bad' kid I wasn't running around with shaving cream or eggs i just wanted some candy LOL. i'm pretty sure cops have other 17 year old delinquents that are actually looking to stir up trouble on Halloween that they should be looking for not a bunch of teens going trick or treating LOL.
    although one lady did yell at us for disturbing her >_>.

    and i got some candy on sale too but it's still fun to dress up, do your makeup & nails & go from door to door and get candy :D

    - kathy ♥

  2. I love both of these!!
    The stamping is awesome too!

  3. i like that the Hard Candy polishes come with rings..but i dont like it that they're $5 a bottle. i feel like its not worth buying em. but the colors are pretty~ ehh, personal opinion. haha

  4. @Gryffindorx3: I can't believe they actually have a law. IT just doesn't make sense. maybe it's to prevent bullying or from older kids getting all the candy before the younger kids..man..I don't know..a law seriously?

    @Chaosbutterfly: thanks so much for your kind comment..and of your you like them both...don't you own them too? or at least a dupe of them =)

    @karend: thanks karen, I love to see your konad artwork..even though you claim you lack the skill i've seen your konading skills and you are good!

    @katrina: rings!! yay, it's almost like a kindersurprise. I got mine for $2.5 from magic maid! yay. they don't sell hard candy nail polishes here in canada =(


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