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Konad M73 + Review for viva la nails

Posted on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 | 19 Comments

Hi Everyone!

I've decided to give my nails a break from nail polish so they are naked...well as naked as they will ever be....meaning I have a french tip manicure.
I need something on the tips of my nails to protect from chipping; thus, a french manicure. 

I used:
Sally Hansen Pacific Blue: for the tips
Sally Hansen white out: konaded with M73
 Super Glitter Dust - Red from Viva la nails
Seche Vite top coat

***I only have top coat on the tips of my nails, everything else is naked.

  • Freehand the pacific blue tips
  • stamp tips with konad plate M73
  • use brush and dip into acetone to clean up  smile line.  
  • Place glitter on smile line
  • apply top coat

So...the red glitter was provided for review by viva la nails. It was very generous of them but I wasn't very happy with the red glitter at all.  The red glitter BLEEDS!!!!  You can see this on my pinky. After sticking on the glitter I covered the tips of my nails with clear nail polish...well the red glitter started bleeding and smearing..ahh!!!!

This indicated that you cannot cover the red glitter with top coat unless you want silver glitter and smeared red
This also indicated that the red glitter will not do well with frankening because it will turn your frankens red and the glitter will be silver.

I guess the only use of the glitter is for acrylic nails.

Disclaimer - The red glitter rhinestone was sent to me for review with no payment. My opinion is an honest one.

Side note:
1. I plan to have a giveaway soon...almost 300 readers! yay! 
Are people okay with used nail polish being part of the giveaway? I'm thinking of tossing in some htf that I don't use anymore

2.  Is anyone interested in OPI Escadorable Coral, Orange you from New York, Apricatcha Cheating? I believe that I may be able to obtain them for a reasonable price (less than $10 with shipping and all that) and I've been looking for them so if anyone else is interested let me know

@Thifa : why don't you have a nail blog? Think about having one okay? I do love your recipe cooking blog though =)


I found this image on http://twitter.com/opinails 

I like teenage dream but I was hoping it was a pink holo + glitter..but I will probably purchase it.
I don't want to get into the mad as a hatter problem where I am currently looking for it everywhere and I can't find it anywhere and wish I had purchased it when it first came out. argh!!


  1. Congrats on your increasing readers! You deserve it, love your blog. This is such a cute mani and I can see all the thought and time that went into it...which makes it even more AWESOME!

  2. Very cute mani. It sucks that the glitter bled. I don't mind getting used polish in a giveaway or whatever as long as there's most of the bottle left.

  3. what a cute mani! too bad the red glitter bled!

  4. Gorgeous mani you have there..I love it..I love you nail by the way..

    http://angiepink1987.blogspot.com/ ..please visit my blog if you like too..My blog not as good as yours


    That is soooo good! Such detail.

    Last time I checked for Hidden Treasures was on ebay...It was $20! Do you think it's worth it?

  6. I love this mani! Too bad the glitter bleeds - no good.

  7. lovely french mani..
    btw, regarding to ur comment question on my page heres my reply:

    wow I never know ur a Malaysian.. u have a better quality polish brand..i think everybody love duo chrome for its fab effect.. I use a sable flat slanted brush on the flowers..
    here's the link:

  8. This french manicure is reall pretty. I like to give a vreak from polishing to my nail ether. =)

    from OPi's I like The one that got away the most =)

    I don't mind getting a used polish, It's also economical, because you don't toss it, just give it to a new owner =)

  9. The french tips are adorable - even if the red bleeds a bit! Still looks great!

    And I am pretty excited about the crackle polish.. and Teenage Dream (:

  10. I love the french tips!! The bleeding glitter is a no-no, but at least you can't see it unless you get close.

    And thank you for the OPI promo image!
    I'm definitely getting Teenage Dream and Not Like The Movies...the others are a little meh, and I don't particularly like the crackle topcoat. I would have preferred the kind that actually looks like a cohesive crack..I can't remember the brand.

    PLUS Congrats on all the followers!! I'm cool with used polish. It's not like it has cooties.

  11. Thanks for letting me know about Nubar 2010!! I am going to get it soon!!

  12. I can't remember the last time my nails went naked in public. :)

    Used polish is fine by me for a giveaway.

  13. I'm fine with used nail polish being in the giveaway :)

    I will be getting all the the Katy Perry colors, it looks like a fun collection.

  14. I awareded you a Blog of Substance award. Pick it up here: http://lacquerwarefortipsandtoes.blogspot.com/

  15. ohh i love the crackle effect - um wet to dry straighteners are decieving, technically your hair should be dry but can still be that just dried but not bone dried feeling (drier than damp basically) and THEN you can use it. I have the one your talking about too - i have 2 chi's now and i love them both and use them when i feel like i want to use one over the other. and yes u can make curls with the regular chi but i dont know how, i gotta watch some youtube tutorials hehe

  16. Your tips look really cute! I definitely wouldn't have a problem with used polish being in a giveaway.

  17. @Lovely Addision: thanks! It took me a while to do it but the bleeding makes me sad

    @ Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: thanks such a kind comment. I try to put thought into my manis but sometimes I think too much and then it doesn’t work out

    @Twister: I know, it really does suck =( you work hard on a mani and then It gets ruined by bleeding

    @Katrina: thanks! I’ll have to try other manis

    @AnGiEpInK: your blog is lovely, I’m a follower now!

    @Nancy: I’m glad you’re going to get the nubar one. Don’t bother spending $20 on HT. it’s not worth $20.

    @ABOP: I know, the glitter is very annoying. No good at all

    @ThRiSzHa: I don’t think I Can last 7 months of growing!!! And you run an internet café and have kids..and you still don’t chip you nails. I mean I chip them to a point where silk wraps don’t work because the entire corner is gone.

    @Diana: thanks!

    @Colorfulbottle: I’m always scared of getting super yellow nails so I hope a break from nail polish will help that

    @Delaynee: thanks! I hope the crackle polish is good, I have a crack polish but I can’t get it to crack!!! Very annoying

    @chaosbutterfly: I know, bleeding glitter is ARGH!!! Teenage dream and not like thee movies,. I think I’m getting those 2 too! I think it will be a big seller sooo..i need to get them b4 it’s too late ya know.

    @KarenD: not even a French manicure?

    @Jackie S: All the katy perry colors? Hmm..now maybe I Should get all of them too…it’s not a huge collection and I do like some of her music..hmmm.

    @Lizzard: I know, wet n dry strengtheners are deceiving!! For sure you cannot dry your hair with a straightener but they make it seem like you can have sopping hair and then straighten it. Yes., I think I will also watch some utube videos. I have a problem when I curl my hair..the curls are just at weird directions and it just looks odd

    @Zara: Thanks zara!! My used nail polish are not gross and sticky. Mostly they are used once and well I just don’t know what to do with the color.


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