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sinful colors Let's Talk + green ocean

Posted on Sunday, November 7, 2010 | 9 Comments

Today I have a swatch of Sinful colors Let's Talk. 3 coats. I tried really really hard to capture the purple/teal duochrome but was unsuccesful =(
Duochromes are the hardest things to capture EVER!! I have never been succesful but I have seen other blogs do a very good job capturing duochromes on their camera.

I think this is a perfect color when you want black nails with a flair.

* opacity:  good at 2 coats, but I did 3 just because...
*duochrome is quite pretty and subtle
*brush is similiar to china glaze's brush (which I like)
*15 mL
*reasonably priced
*duochrome: subtle
*drying time took a little longer than what I would have liked

I then put on 2 layers of Sinful colors Green ocean ...A flakie =)
Another duochrome capturing problem.
The flakies flash from green to indigo blue

*flakie brother to sally hansen hidden treasure
*different sized flakies
*15 mL
*reasonably priced 

*drying time took longer than china glaze and OPI

I received these from http://thephalangesfiles.blogspot.com/ so I don't know exactly how much they cost but from research I think they are reasonably priced so that would be a pro =)


So I had 3 exams on Saturday, 2 hours each...that was the longest day ever. On Friday I was exhausted from studying so I decided to enter http://the-lacquerista.blogspot.com's contest.  It was very last minute but I had fun.

The theme was rock 'n' roll...so I did Avril lavigne inspired nails.. HAHAHA. i'm not a huge fan of hers but when I thought nails + rock n roll I immediately thought of avril Lavigne.

here are my nails I entered for the contest:

On a side note: these nails are dedicated to http://thriszha.blogspot.com/ because well....doesn't the length look like Thriszha's nails?  =)  My nails will never be able to get that long without breaking first.  I still had my Hard candy polish on so I did the very simple design on fake nails. Doing nails is very relaxing and I think that whenever I get stressed I will totally do my nails. =)


*I like rins nails, I should have done gold + black nails!!! darn it.


  1. omg.. i never thought that this entry is dedicated on me.. honestly, when I visited the lacquerista site and saw all the entries I really love ur design.. I love the girly rock & roll version u made and U have my VOTE.. good luck on the contest..
    it took me 7 months for me to have this nails length I also have some nail break and Im just glad the silk wraps help me to repair & maintain my broken nails..LOL!! its the design that matters most..whether ur nails are short or long u always made an amazing designs..keep it up..

  2. Let's Talk looks awesome on you. Love the contest nails!

  3. OMG!!! That flakie Sin color is gorgeous! It's similar to Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure? I could not find that LE shade it was so frustrating, but I want some flakies!

  4. Ohh how nice! I voted for you without recognizing they were your nails! I really like the design. I can really see a girly "rock n roll" star wearing it :)

  5. I love your rockstar nails! I actually voted for them about five minutes before I saw this post. :)

  6. Hi there - a little more about my Hawaii trip...

    It was a 8 day cruise with NCL, it would stop overnight at some islands and other island would just be most of the day. It's very beautiful, this link would provide more information

    Liz @ prdctjunkie.blogspot.com

  7. @ThRiSzHa: 7 months? ahhh I'm not sure I can take care of my nails for that long until they get that lenght. I'm very rough with my nails...very rough. I love looking at your nail art,. they are very inspiring. Thanks for your vote =)

    @ ABOP: thanks for your compliment =) I do like dark nail polishes better than lighter nail polishes..maybe it's cus of my skin tone?

    @Nancy: there seem to be a lot of dupes for the sally hansen. I believe nubar2010 is a dupe for hidden treasure and much easier to find. there's also gosh rainbow but not avail in the us =(

    @Thifa: thanks for your vote! why dont you hava a nail blog?

  8. @zara: thanks for vote! they were really fun to do. I need to work on more nail designs/ inspirations

    @Lizzard: thanks so much for the link! I gotta look into because I need a vacation soon =)

  9. I love your nails! It looks amazing!


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