> Pure Ice Limited Edition polishes

Pure Ice Limited Edition polishes

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The Silver nail posted a fantastic Pure Ice Limited Edition polish list on her web page for the 55 LE shades this winter. I have copied the list to my page but please go visit her blog.

55 limited edition colors — five sets of 11 polishes each
The entire set is comprehensively called Runway Nail Trends:

Velour Finish — These shades dry to feel like suede, so now your nails can have the same textured look and feel as your favorite pair of fall boots! Available in the following shades:

  • Ruffled Sheets (silver)
  • Black Velour (black)
  • Touch Me Softly (mauve with silver)
  • Blue Midnight (blue)
  • Stunning (pink with silver)
  • Grunge (purple)
  • Femme Fatale (forest green)
  • Crushed (gold)
  • Over the Top (copper)
  • Draped (raspberry)
  • Temptress (dark purple with gold)
Pure Ice Velour Finish set
Diamond Couture — These full coverage, single-coat glitters are sure to make your hands stand out and sparkle. No diamond ring necessary! Available in the following shades:
  • Purple Rain (purple)
  • Peep Show (blue)
  • Girl’s Best Friend (maroon)
  • Hot-Rocks (black base silver glitter)
  • Sea-quin (moss green glitter)
  • Treasure Hunt (clear base with green and purple shards)
  • Tinsel Town (blue glitter with blue shards)
  • The Family Jewels (gold shard glitter)
  • Silver Lining (clear base silver glitter)
  • Material Girl (rose pink with pink shard glitter)
  • Party of Five (green glitter with green shards)
Pure Ice Diamond Couture set
French Trend — These deep, rich, bold colors are the perfect combination of edgy glamour mixed with sophisticated shine. Available in the following shades:
  • En Vogue (fox brown)
  • Vintage Glam (mustard)
  • French Love Affair (cream purple)
  • Monte Carlo (magenta pink)
  • Internationally Known (cream turquoise)
  • Moulin Rouge (maroon)
  • Glass of Bordeaux (burgundy glitter)
  • Pardon My French (sparkle rose gold)
  • Nude Beach (nude)
  • Meet Me in Monaco (copper glitter)
  • French Twist (blue glitter)
Pure Ice French Trends set
Metro Chic — These urban, chrome shades have a reflective, mirrored metallic finish that is sure to turn heads! Available in the following shades:
  • Alter Ego (coffee)
  • Cha-ching (bubblegum pink)
  • Lost in Vegas (raspberry)
  • Vegas Strip (lime green)
  • Getting Gorgeous (cobalt blue)
  • Royal Flush (dark purple with gold)
  • Viva Las Vegas (light gold chrome)
  • Champagne (green)
  • Taxi  (purple)
  • Poker Face (orange)
  • Affair to Remember (pink)
Pure Ice Metro Chic
Party Girl — Get the party started with a snap of your fingers in these glamorous glitters! Available in the following shades:
  • Sexy Mama (multi-colored glitter)
  • Turn It Up (evergreen with silver glitter)
  • Call Me! (orange with silver glitter)
  • Get on Top (purple with silver glitter)
  • Stop Flirting (sky blue silver glitter)
  • Stop & Stare (black with silver glitter)
  • Get Low (gold)
  • Face Time (turquoise pearl)
  • After Hours (navy blue with silver glitter)
  • Seduce Me (clear with silver glitter)
  • Booty Call (raspberry purple)
Pure Ice Party Girl set

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