> Pure Ice Limited Edition Collection!

Pure Ice Limited Edition Collection!

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Today I have 6 polishes from Pure Ice.  5 of them are from the new Limited Edition Diamond Couture collection and 1 is from the Limited Edition French Trend collection. Please click on the pictures to enlarge the images

Bottle shot first
Left to right: Hot rocks, Sea-quin, Party of Five, Material Girl, Pardon my French*, Tinsel Town

Now on to swatches. I have a cut on my swatch hand right now so I haven't been able to swatch too many polishes as the nail polish remover stings the cut so we have swatch wheel pictures for now.  I used THREE coats for these swatches.  I could use four coats and it would look even more opaque. I like that I have the option of being able to build up the polish with more coats.  Even with THREE coats the polish was NOT thick!!! so this is pretty exciting. What annoys me the most about polish is thick polish....e.g really old polish or too many coats...bleh.

Left to Right:
Sea-quin -  clear base with tiny gold glitter with gold glitter diamond shapes
Party of Five -clear base with tiny sea green glitter with sea green and silver glitter diamond shapes
Tinsel Town - clear base with tiny blue glitter with blue and silver glitter diamond shapes
Hot rocks -clear base with tiny silver glitter with silver glitter diamond shapes
Pardon my French* - black jelly with tiny brown glitter and brown hexagon glitter
Material Girl -clear base with tiny baby pink glitter with baby pink glitter diamond shapes

*Pardon my French is the one polish from the French Trend collection
Check out Pure Ice’s Facebook Page for more information on upcoming shades and all the news.

*The products in this post were sent to me for the purpose of a 100% honest unbiased review.*

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