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More Canuck nails

Posted on Saturday, May 21, 2011 | 18 Comments

Still rocking Green and Blue nails to support the Vancouver Canucks!

Base: Sinful Colors Rise and Shine (it dries kind of matte/ suedue/ plasticy...similiar to Orly's Plastix Satin collection)
Stamped Stripes: NYC skintight denim (BEST STAMPING DARK BLUE EVER!!! Cheap and works great)
Image plate: Bundle monster 20

I consider Across the Universe by Deborah Lippmann a Canuck nail polish because it has green and blue pieces of glitter in it =)


This is a gorgeous polish but it is super hard to photograph...natural light, flash, outdoors, indoors etc.  It is probably THE hardest polishes that I have ever photographed.
Here is a picture of it with flash and sunlight.  You can barely see the glitter : (  But you can see the jelly texture of the polish :)

I bought my NYC polish from the Canadian Superstore but I'm sure that it is readily available in most grocery like stores for example: Walmart and Kmart.

I have no idea where Sinful colors can be bought (I won this polish in a giveaway) but I assume that one can buy it in Walmart and Kmart? maybe target?

The places that I know you can purchase across the universe from are: Holt Renfrew, Nordstrom, http://lippmanncollection.com, http://apothica.com/


Posts to forward to:
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  • Revlon nail buffer review (sample from a magazine)
  • Haul: a few polishes from the China Glaze Kaleidoscope collection, Lex cosmetics, A Beautiful Life nail polishes, goodies from Lacquered Lizard
  • eyeliner review....I seem to have problem with smudging eyeliners so now that I have accumulated a few different eyeliners from different brands I think it's time for a review.
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 PS: I replied to all my comments on my last post =)  Thank you for all your kind comments, you guys are all super sweet!


  1. Oh I love stripey nails, great colors!

  2. I buy Sinful Colors at my local Walgreen's. Different drugstores and some supermarkets with a beauty department carry Sinful.

    I am going to have to hunt down NYC Skintight Denim. I have been thinking of buying a dark blue Konad stamp polish, but if this stuff works as well, I'll use that and save the moolah. :)

  3. hmm.. i think i need to look out for that blue polish!

  4. OOO, I LOVE the first mani!! The colors and the stripes look phenominal!!

  5. I saw Sinful Colors for sale at London Drugs. A bit pricey though!

  6. Neat manis! I love the first one. It actually made me think of Christmas cause it reminds me of swapping paper prints that I love!

  7. Hi! I want to be able to make cool nail art like yours.. and I googled that Bundle Monster plate that you were talking about and it seems to have a lot of design... but what does one need to use those plates and how do you use them?

    Does it come with instructions on how to use them? Any tips on the materials I would need as a beginner?


  8. How did you do the Canuck Stripes? Are you ever gonna make any tutorials?

  9. I really like the first look, I love the polishes you chose for it!

  10. I'm in love with that colour combination! Superb. :)

  11. If anyone has to win the NHL finals besides my Detroit Red Wings, I hope it's the Canucks! They are due!

  12. @freshie: I love love love the stripe image plate. It’s my all time fav

    @Fer: im so excited about the canucks..im going crazy

    @Ice Queen: thanks for letting me know about where to get sinful colors. Skintight denim is incredible and cheap! Get it!!!

    @rebecca: if you see if get 2 bottles!!!

  13. @kelly: Thanks kelly!! the colors ended up matching really well

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes : thanks chris! I think the camera was working in my favor...finally

    @Oje Delisi (: thanks Oje!

    @Fer (The Nail Experiment): I'll go check out london drugs...london drugs is usually pretty pricey

  14. @spaceinvaders: Thanks!! This is my fav stamping plate

    @kittypolishnbags: oh this will be a great idea when xmas comes around. Thanks

    @Rinslet: sent you an email =)

    @CAntfazeme: sent you an email =)

    @Cel: thanks cel! Sometimes I suck at choosing colors but this time it worked out really nicely

    @A polished touch: thanks a ton! You’re so sweet!

    @kutekrazynails: canucks didn’t win..but there’s always next year =)


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