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GO Canucks GO!!!

Posted on Sunday, May 15, 2011 | 13 Comments

I'm back from my mini hiatus and what better way to announce my return than to do a post featuring my number one hockey team:  THE VANCOUVER CANUCKS!!  

  The Vancouver Canucks have made it to the Western Conference Final...being from Vancouver...this is HUGE!!!! 

Lately I have been rocking Canucks inspired nails. 
Last year I was sporting Fin, the Canucks orca whale mascot on my thumb:

This year I'm going for a more subtle look (I'm working as a research technician in a private pharmaceutical company so I gotta keep it classy ^_^ ).......I'm going for V for Vancouver, green and blue for the Canucks

 Colors used: OPI Jade is the new black, N.Y.C Skintight Denim 

I have a tutorial for you guys so that you can all rock nails similar to mine:
1. Tape! I used scotch tape and cut the tape so that I would have a clean corner.  This corner decides how wide your V will be.

2.  You need to put the tape on your hand, arm, shirt etc to make it less sticky. If you don't do this, the tape will be way too sticky and can ruin your design.

3. Put the tape on your nail

 4. Paint the section not covered by the tape. Don't worry about how you paint it because the tape will help guide the V shape design.  I just follow along the edges of the tape.

 5. Remove the tape and voila!

6.  For another color,  follow steps 1-5 again


7. Take off the tape, voila! You can make the V thicker if you want, it depends on where you put the tape.

Polishes used: OPI We'll always have paris suede, Orly Iron butterfly, China Glaze millenium


  1. Thanks for the tutorial, I'm glad to see you back from your hiatus ^_^

  2. i'm so happy for the canucks! too bad about the habs, but at least we still have one canadian team to cheer for! :) i love the tape idea, your nail designs are always so creative! :)

  3. I'm from there too! Well, North Van for my first 7 years and then Vancouver Island for 12 years. I live in California now but have been watching! Canucks are my team and I love hockey but they only show their playoff games here on regular cable! So exciting that they won tonight :)

    Love the nails!

  4. Great little nail tutorial. Glad you have returned! :)

  5. love the mani! GO CANUCKS!! :D

  6. Very smart! I just might have to try the tape method when I want smart/straight lines!! Glad you're back from your hiatus as well (:

    And.. I still adore you, even though you're a Vancouver fan :p

  7. Go Canucks!!
    Love your last years mani!

  8. Canucks :D I did hockey nails too, cept for the Hawks and Rangers (#1 and #2 teams). Canucks are my third favorite, and pick for the cup!! Love it!

  9. I like your V mani! Nicely done!

  10. @ FOREVER '92: I’m glad to be back! I missed my blog but had so much life stuff to deal with but that’s all settled so all good =) I have a ton of photos to post up..getting excited! Thanks for being such an awesome blog friend =)

    @ Smita: the habs did so well last yr! too bad about this yr =( I was hoping canucks could go against the habs..it would have been awesome!

    @ Sophie: you have the most INCREDIBLE blog ever! I’m following you! I think I went back 2 yrs of your blog posts.

    @ Nicole - Top To Toe: thanks for your kind comment =) I love the colors too ….canuck colors..hehe

    @ Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: wherever u go ..I’ll follow you!!! Whatever blog you move to..I’ll find you =)

    @ love4laqcuer: yay!! Thanks for the love!

    @Sher: hehehe…your comment makes me all smiley =) canuck love!

    @ Delaynee: just remember to tape the tape on your hand or shirt first!! Sometimes if I don’t do a good shop the tape rips and part of it stays on my nail…totally sucks! Canucks need love!!

    @ Kayla101: thanks Kayla! You’re such a sweet heart =)

    @ Melanie: your nail designs are so detailed!! My goodness. 3rd fav is good =) I don’t think I have ur skill for detailed hockey nails…maybe little c’s on all my nails..

    @ kittypolishnbags: thanks for you kind comment =) you’re always such a sweet heart =)

  11. I LOVE this design! Thank you for sharing this tutorial! I can't wait to try it out!


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