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Acrylic heart nails + more more more Canuck nails

Posted on Saturday, June 11, 2011 | 8 Comments

 A while back I wanted to go all crazy on my nails so I decided to try out another acrylic mold that bornprettystore.com sent me. 

First,l I did my background design, which is a white base (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On) and  silver stripes.  The silver stripes were stamped with the Bundle Monster Image plate #20 (silver is china glaze millenium).  The stripe design from the Bundle Monster image plate is my all time favorite design.  It just always looks awesome.

 By the way, this is the longest my nails have ever been...hehe
So, after a few days I decided to try the acrylic mold bornprettystore.com sent me for review.  

 I put in some acrylic powder, let it dry and popped out the hearts. Then I stuck them to my nail using clear nail polish (Seche vite)..and Bam!


The 3d hearts ended up bugging me a few days later so I removed them..the acrylic hearts really stayed on my nails and did not budge.


So..the Vancouver Canucks hockey team are in the Stanley cup playoffs...AWESOME!!!  I decorated my office with Canucks posters..hehehe...My supervisor is a Pittsburg Penguins fan and he sits beside me so everday he comes into the office and looks like this  (-__-)

 These are the current nails I am rocking right now:

OPI Jade is the new black
NYC skin tight denim
Sally Hansen White on

Disclaimer - The acrylic mold  was sent to me for review by bornprettystore.com with no payment. My opinion is an honest one.  Everything else including the Bundle Monster image plates were purchased by myself.

 1. I bought my BundleMonster image plates from here.

2. The acrylic mold from Bornprettystore is this one

Sidenote: Did you guys know that Bornprettystore.com is now selling replicate konad image plates for $2.32 a plate?  or you can get a set of 16 plates for $16.32 .  Free shipping too! That is a crazy deal since I usually get my konad image plate for $6.99 + tx + Canada shipping which is usually $6.99. 

I'm getting my hands on a set of these plates to try out and compare with my konad ones. 

I have a 10% off code for bornprettystore.com, it is SWNAIL.  I believe that you get 10% off and a free keychain flashlight.  I don't get paid or get points if you use this code.  It's just a nice code for you guys to use.


  1. I am in love with that acrylic heart one...I just need to find a job and get some moniez, so I can buy everything Born Pretty has.

  2. I've neer dealt with acrylics before but this post just made me want to start! Love those hearts!

  3. both look amazing :) I think the acrylic mold is such a cool idea! I definitely want to try that... also, random question: Does Konad sell the plates to BP?? Because since they are replica's wouldn't BP get sued or something???

  4. WOW!! I love your mani Ive been wanting to try 3d acrylic molds. Can you do a tutorial please... Go Bruins lol.. sorry i had to cuz im from Boston

  5. I do like the Canuck nails. I'm pulling for you guys...it'd be easier to know that if our Predators had to lose, they were beaten by the team that went all the way!

  6. love the white and silver manis! but both looks great! :)

  7. @chaosbutterfly: I can browse on the site for HOURS!!! HOURSS!!!

    @kittypolishnbags: this is my second time playing with acrylics and it’s super fun and easy!

    @kelly: I have a tutorial for the acylic coming up , I just took photos today. The plates aren’t 100% replicates so I think they won’t get sued. IT’s like how sometimes H&M clothing store copies some designer designs..but since they aren’t exactly the same they don’t get sued

    @shadow: tutorial coming up! I took pictures today =) bruins did really well. They were the better team

    @Barilla: too bad the canucks lost…but there’s always next yr.

    @carissakuo: thanks a ton!

    @parenting articles: too bad canucks lost =) but there’s next year =)


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