> Wet n Wild Grape Crush and OPI Catch me in your net

Wet n Wild Grape Crush and OPI Catch me in your net

Posted on Sunday, July 25, 2010 | 4 Comments

2 swatches today =)
  The first one is wet n wild grape crush. To me it almost seems like a frost...almost.

It applied smoothly. Needed 3 coats. There is no top coat on any of these photos

Since purple is a royal color I decided that I needed an accent nail so the ring finger nail was konaded on.  I used china glaze passion and Konad plate M63.
I wonder how china glaze passion compares to china glaze 2030. I try very hard to avoid dupes so I didn't buy 2030. I bought millennium and robotika instead =)

Oh, by the way I purchased the bundle monster 21 plate set =) I'm pretty excited for it. I hope it comes this week.  

The next swatch is OPI catch me in your net. As you read in my previous post I was quite unhappy about buying it because I thought that I had bought a fake OPI.  Luckily it wasn't a fake. phew!  The identification number was filed off and one of the sticker labels on the bottom of the bottle was removed but as long as it is a real OPI I'm okay with it.

So when I first opened the package with the OPI I was so excited that I needed to wear it right away so I removed my polish and applied it. BIG MISTAKE!! You really need a base coat for this color.  It stains like crazy.  Besides the staining this is a gorgeous jelly. It didn't chip at all (I wore it for 4 days).  You can't really see the visible nail line so I was happy with that.  A lot of people said that the VNL was really obvious, I personally don't think so =)

The removal was not too bad. It is a bit easier to remove than glitter but not as easy to remove compared to a creme polish.  and the staining.. argh. my nails and skin around my nails were light blue after removing. Today is the 2nd day after removing the polish and my naked light blue nails have faded a bit.


  1. omg the wet & wild looks really pretty.
    i regret not buying this one :[

    - kathy ♥

  2. Very pretty! I love the Konading.

  3. Both colours are gorgeous on you! Love the konading =)

  4. @Gryffindorx3: go buy it now! I'm sure they still have it it's still summer. $0.99-1.99 is a great price for these polishes.

    @Zara: Thanks zara. I really like konading ...but i'm not very good at it. will try to improve

    @Michelle: You konading is gorgeous. I can't wait to see what you come up with and your color combinations


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