> animal print!! yay!

animal print!! yay!

Posted on Saturday, July 31, 2010 | 17 Comments

I recently purchased the konad M57 plate. Right away I had to try out the animal prints on the plate...

The first one up is the zebra print. The zebra print wasn't applied very well since I was rushing when I was using it. I just wanted to try out the plate, I didn't even let the black dry before I used a top coat so you see streaking. I used Wet n Wild  French white creme as a base and then stamped Wet n Wild black creme on top.  I think the black creme is the best black to stamp with.  Before I was using sally hansen's black out but it just wasn't opaque enough. Wet n wild's black is perfect.
 Oh, and to make it extra "stand out in you face" I used china glaze's fairy dust on top of it =)

The next print I used was the leopard print =)  This one took a bit more time.  What I did was first apply 2 coats of Wet n wild Sunkist Paradise. Then I sponged on china glaze passion followed by the leopard stamp using wet n wild black creme. 

Yay!!As you can see there was no streaking on the leopard one because I let the black dry a bit first (1-2 min)  before I applied the top coat.

(I apologize, I need to clean up the leopard one a bit more...and the zebra one no clean up I just removed it after awhile)

Oh yes, both manicures I used seche rebuild.  which brings up my problem. the application was terrible...because of the brush.  The other day I went to the mall and bought my very first seche product. yay! since I've heard everyone rave about seche and I needed a new base coat I bought rebuild. Well..the box was taped shut so I couldn't check the brush. When I got home..guess when? I had a damaged brush. sigh. I cannot return it as nail polish and cosmetics are non returnable.  The brush is just terrible and frayed (is that the word) when I was applying the frayed bristles were getting all along my cuticles (it looks worse that the picture). I'm pretty disappointed by it. I mean I paid quite a bit for this (Canada sells polishes like seche, opi, china glaze for rather high prices) so it sucks that it is all damaged.

My question to you readers is should I a) try to cut around the brush or b) try to pull it out with tweezers?

If I cut around I will get a weird sort of tapered uneven brush
If I pull really hard with tweezers I may damage the entire brush.

what to do?


  1. I'm so sorry about your brush trouble! :( I think I would probably take very very small scissors and try to cut each strand off individually and as near to the wand as possible...whatever you do, I hope it works!

  2. I just bought this polish too! Where did you get it from? I found it at Winners at a pretty reasonable price, like $8? plus tax of course. I hate how expensive good polishes are in Canada!!! That sucks that it was damaged! hope you find a way of fixing it! You could always just use another brush for the application?

  3. I agree with Zara, I've got the same problem too with one of my polish. I just cut it as near as possible to the wand and am happy now. The brush bothered me real bad and I just had to do something about it. I try not to paint my nails where I had cut. I dont know, I think its just me thinking it can affect the way I paint. Haha! Anyways, I hope this helps. :)

  4. I am in loooove with your zebra nails! With fairy dust on top! I will have to try that out one of these days!!

    That sucks about the brush - maybe try tweezers?

  5. I think it may be better to carefully cut the brush-hair. If you pull it out, it may backfire and probably the brush would be unusable

  6. Hmmm I had similar problems with my Seche Clear basecoat! Seems Seche need to do some quality assurance =S I used a small pair of scissors and cut as close as possible to the wand.

    I love both these manis! So cute =)

  7. hey! thanks for your comments on my posts! i'm going to reply back here, so it's easier for you to read /find it! :) I hate living in Canada - nail polish wise only - I recently have starting buying nail polishes online, but I try to limit myself (online shopping is just wayy too easy!) I usually buy OPI from this Hair place in the mall near my house, or trade secrets which there seem to be a lot of! It usually costs about $11 (so much tax here) but I've been buying them like that for so long that it hasn't bothered me! Sometimes they have a buy one get one free or buy one get on 50% of which is great!
    Online I use Amazon.com I've found about 2 e-tailers that ship to Canada and they have very reasonable pricing (send me an email and I will let you know the names /send you the links if you are interested!)
    There are no Sally's here in Montreal but I went to Toronto and bought China Glaze from there, I bought one online as well (ebay) pretty reasonable price)!
    there is really no way for us to get 3-4$ opi/china glaze!! :( sadly :( it sucks so much!
    hopefully this helped!


  8. I'd definitely cut the brush rather than tweeze; that's what I've done with wonky brushes and so far it's always worked out okay. (Someday I will remember to check them before I buy.)

  9. Too bad about the brush...I've only had that happen once or twice and I just try to deal with it. I would try cutting it if it's really bad....But I love the konads really cool!!!

  10. hehe aww i love zebra print nails :D
    yep the joint between your natural nail and the tips is very smooth, natural.. but then the glue soo strong T_T i cant peel off easily.. the box said i need 100% aceton to peel off nails. but i think i dont hv it in my nail polish remover.

  11. Just wanted to let you know that I swatched that Glam Nails you asked about in a comment earlier this week:


  12. Hey! I tagged you in a post! Check it out http://mynailzz.blogspot.com/

  13. i love that second mani - the leopard one.. its so cute!

    and just letting you know, i tagged you in my most recent post; http://katrinasnailblog.blogspot.com/2010/08/4-things-tag-random-manis.html

  14. @Zara: I trimmed the brush with tiny tiny scissors like you said unfortunately it looks odd now. I'm annoyed... I guess it's cus i'm a perfectionist. blah.

    @Smita: I sent you and email...so go check your email =)

    @xnosugaraddedx: me too! I also think it affects the way I paint my nails so I avoid using the cut area.

    @Delaynee: get better soon!! I need more of your posts!

    @amusedPolish: I cut the bristles out. I was thinking exactly what you said..what If I pull the bristles out and then pull everything out or destroy the brush? ekk. so I trimmed it with scissors.

  15. @'chelle : so it's not me. seche does have brush problems. phew. I thought I Was super unlucky and I was the only person to get a bad brush. I don't know if I will buy anymore seche stuff. people say seche vite top coat is very good..but over time it clouds and is no longer usable..so i'm kind of iffy about it.

    @KarenD: I always tell myself to check them when I can...but I end up forgetting..argh! I also always tell myself to check the OPIs just in case they are fakes..but nope i always forget. I think I get too excited when I find a color I like that I just want to buy it right away and use it. I NEED NEED NEED to get glam nails. it's a gorgeous flakie/ jelly in your swatches

    @tasha: honestly it has happened to be quite a few times..so it annoys me..but it's my fault most of the time since I dont check the brush when I should have. I guess it bothers even more is since I paid quite a lot for the polish and well it's not 100%. do you own any stamping plates? if not you should get some they are very fun to use =) and makes our nails look professional =)

    @ipehishere: that's why I'm afraid to use fake nails. the removal scares me and seems to take a lot of time and if I do it wrong I could really damage my nails. eek. and like you I don't own 100% acetone. I heard it makes nail polish removal very easy. I guess we should buy some eh?

    @Katrina: thanks for tagging me =) this is a fun tag. I'm glad you are back to posting =)

  16. I've had the same problem with my seche twice! I don't think I will be purchasing from seche again.

  17. The leopard came out amazing! Love.


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