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china glaze he's going in circles

Posted on Wednesday, July 21, 2010 | 12 Comments

Another post on holographic nail polish. I know you guys are probably getting sick of seeing so many holographic polishes so this will be my last one for a while.

Today we have: China Glaze he's going in circles =)

I love love love the kaleidoscope collection.  I wish I was interested in nail polish when this collection came out because I think it may be one of the best polish collection ever

I bought this from 8ty8beauty.com. Ordered, shipped the next day. The guy in charge of all transactions replied to my emails instantly and was quite professional (I've heard some terrible things about 8ty8's customer service and shipping times). I got the package in 2 weeks time, which is normal for shipping items from the US to Canada. 

there isn't much to say about the polish so I will let the picture do the talking.

It was easy to remove and I did not have any application problems.  Minor chipping on the 3rd day of wear.

I have a question to ask you guys: FALSE ALARM
Vedra told me that it looked like the peel here label had been peeled off and to peel off the label of another OPI I had and compare it. well...after peeling off the label and comparing 2 bottles I realized that she was right. phew~

So the next question I have would be... where do you think this seller is getting her OPIs? the summer flutter collection is quite new and since transdesign/ 8ty8beauty/ head2toe aren't selling OPIs (or not the summer flutter collection due to the OPI lawsuit) where is this ebay seller getting hers? Is there another unofficial OPI nail polish distributor that (is also filing the barcode number on the polish) we nail polish lovers are not aware of???

I bought OPI Catch me in your net from ebay for $10.  I believe that I have purchased a fake or an illegal version.

The first think I noticed was that the serial number was filed off. This was common when you bought it from transdesign/ 8ty8beauty/ head2toe .  I guess that's okay right?

But the second thing is the label.  It is not a peel here label and there is no barcode on the label. Is this common? My OPIs all have a barcode and a peel here label (I only have 5 OPIs).  Is this considered a fake? the ebay guide here says that the label indicates it is a fake.  What do you ladies think? do you have opi's with this kind of label? Is this a fake?

Everything else appears to be authentic: the OPI words on the brush, 2 ball bearings, font size etc.

**more swatches of wet n wild summer shine collection coming up soon =)
**btw I have replied to all the comments in my last post =)


  1. lacquerized.com had a good post that helped identifying fake opis but for some reason she deleted it :(

    ainnir, on the other hand, has a guide to identify opis in general, with tips to avoid fakes. http://blog.ainnir.net/2010/06/guide-how-to-identify-your-opi-polish.html

    hope it's useful!

  2. Some tips that I've read were:
    - OPI logo in the brush
    - American salon exclusives have one layer label only (?)
    - It should have a little ball inside the bottle (sometimes you can't spot them)
    - The inner edge of the cap should be gear shaped, and not smooth

  3. - The filed off serial doesn't mean it's fake, only that it came from a non-authorised distributor.
    - The label just looks like the "peel here" top label was peeled off to reveal the second label underneath. Try peeling off one of your other new OPI labels to confirm.
    So imo, false alarm!

  4. Dear Thifa. you have the greatest blog ever!!! I don't even know where to start on your recipes. and I really appreciate the fact that you included the price/$ symbol for the cost to make the food item.

    thanks for providing me the link to ainnir's guide. it is very helpful and extremely detailed. I hate it when people sell fake items but do not tell the buyer and they also charge the fake item as a regular item. geesh.

  5. @Vedra: I peeled my suzi says feng shui. I feel like an idiot now. you are absolutely right. IT appears that the peel here labeled was removed. phew!!!! thanks for your help. I guess I didn't recognize the label since I had never ever peeled any of my opi labels before

  6. The China Glaze shade is so pretty :3

    Glad to know your OPI wasn't a fake -phew- I got mine online and checked three different sites to make sure it was authentic and fortunately it was!

    LOL =D Yay to Canadian bloggers--though you're on the other side of the country (but you can probably sympathize with me about the HST LOL!) How's the weather btw??

  7. that china glaze looks so pretty :D
    i really want a nail polish with a good strong holo affect but they're hard to find imo

    - kathy ♥

  8. I think filing off the serial number is pretty common - all the OPI bottles at Target have the numbers filed off, anyway.

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  10. @Steph: it didn't even occur to me that there would be a possibility that I would purchase a fake OPI. I knew there were fake OPIs but I was paying regular price for the OPI so ignored checking if it was a fake opi. luckily it wasn't but i guess from now on I need to check on everything I buy online if it is authentic or not

    the weather in vancouver is...fallish? haha. it is a big cloudy and a bit sunny and windy. Not very hot. it doesn't seem like summer at all here. We had 2 days of sunshine and heat and that was that. I guess summer skipped over us here. I don't want to talk about the HST =( sniff sniff

    @Gryffindorx3: ME too! I'm trying to find a really good holo that remains somewhat holo like even in the shade. I find most holos are only holographic in certain angles. I want it to be holo at all angles.

    @Zara: Really? target sells filed off opi bottles? I read that for the lawsuit that OPI filed against head2toebeauty, one of the evidence they used was that head2toe filed off the serial number on the OPI bottles. This is illegal. If there is a complaint about a color OPI uses the serial number to check the batch of the color to see if it was a bad batch. by filing the number off OPI doesn't have quality control anymore and that is why OPI does not want anyone to file the number off.

  11. I love this lacquer. I own it myself and enjoy a little 'unusual' holo colors. Looks fabulous.

  12. hi! well i love your blog.. myself was hard to find but i have the China Glaze KAleidoscope set in cool tones and got the China Glaze OMG 2BKEWL and is gorgueus! i just love China Glaze Nail polish... havent try in years OPI but is ok...


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