> New post yay!

New post yay!

Posted on Sunday, July 18, 2010 | 12 Comments

Hello everyone! I hope you guys are all doing great!

I received my package from Karen at http://thekarend.blogspot.com/.  It's the Wet 'n' Wild Wild Shine summer collection!! yay!  Isn't it pretty? 

I'm slowly swatching. Today we have Tropical Splash. People say that it is the dupe to china glaze's watermelon rind...but not as pretty as it does not have the glass flecks in it.

And before I removed I applied Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure to it.  =)  I'm sorry this picture isn't very clear, this was the best picture I could get.

Hidden Treasure is a very gorgeous flakie top coat but the removal is terrible.   This is my only flakie so I'm wondering if all flakies are difficult to remove?

*side note:  I'm going to be posting more frequent now (well 2 posts a week) and I hope to add tags to my posts to get everything organized =)


  1. congrats again for winning! tropical splash + Hidden treasure looks awesome! :) can't wait for the other swatches! :D

  2. There's nothing like getting a group of polishes all in a beautiful, colorful row!!

    The green is quite nice. It would also look fun on the toes.

  3. I think this might be bluer than Watermelon Rind, bu I'm not sure. Very pretty, though, and I can't wait to see the rest of the polishes!

  4. A rainbow haul. How cool! Love the color you chose to swatch first too, it looks great on you. Enjoy those WnW lacquers, they are good quality at a very decent price. :)

  5. That's so pretty~~ love the colors! The yellow/orange one looks so perfect for the summer :)


  6. Those colors looks so nice together <3


  7. Yay, so glad they all got there safe and sound!

    I wouldn't have thought to put HT over the teal one; it looks very nice! I haven't found flakies any harder than glitter to remove; I use the foil method. If you haven't seen it, Nihrida has a good tutorial:


  8. oh they look so pretty all lined up in a row! Tropical Splash is gorgeous, too!

  9. What a lovely prize! Those colors are really nice =)

  10. love your blog! would love to know about diy gradient color manicures! =)

    please check out my blog when you get a chance!

    the style and musings of a fashion lawyer living, playing and shopping in LA.

  11. @ Nea: it's one big happy family =)

    @KarenD: thank you so much for the polish =) your packaging skills are superb. I mean everything was individually wrapped and it all fit perfectly into the box. I just cannot get them to fit into the box as well as you did. thanks for linking me to the glitter removal tutorial. I was just scrubing and scrubing to remove the polish

    @manicuremania: they are all waiting to be swatched =) I really like blues + blue greens so I think tropical splash is my favorite =)

    @Charis: thank you charis! I was expecting them in the mail but when I got the package and opened it I was still so surprised =)

    @goodbadnfab@gmail.com: Thank you for your sweet comment =)
    fashion lawyer + LA ? I like you =) I like fashion blogs but I don't follow a lot of them. I wonder why? well i'm following yours now =)

  12. @steph: they do look summery don't they? I will definitely put the yellow and orange ones on my toes =) fingers...i'm not sure if i'm brave enough

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes : the hidden treasure is from you =) They are pretty good quality for the price for sure. I wish they made more interesting crazy colors though. sometimes I find some of my china glazes chip even faster than my wet and wild ones.

    @Zara: i'm going to go with what you say about tropical splash compared to watermelon rind. I don't own any from the summer days collection ...although I wish I had strawberry fields. looking at swatches I think you are right about it being more blue

    @Kimberly: agree! I think it would look great on toes. I think any color looks great on toes..well maybe except the color that is the same as your skin color.

    @xnosugaraddedx: I hope to get the other swatches up soon. Usually when I swatch I don't just swatch the polish and remove it I like to wear it for a few days then stamp nail art on to it so it may take a while to swatch it all. =( I think hidden treasure adds a little something extra to the polish. or when you get bored of the polish you can add hidden treasure to it


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