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Avon Urban Grey + Bornpretty store review

Posted on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 | 13 Comments

I had bought the color vintage grey from Avon a few months ago but had never tried it  so I thought that today would be the day....Well the polish FAILS!!! Either it would not dry or it took forever to dry!
Also, it applied somewhat goopy.  ARGH! I own quite a few Avon polishes and this is the only bad one i've encountered...so. ..don't buy Vintage grey!

Here's what it looks like right now: will go into detail about this mani at the end of the post =)

 2 coats
The grey looked bland so I did some nail art on them.  I used the the 2 way nail art nail polish liners provided to me for review from the born pretty store

The polishes are boxed in a separate box from your other products

 These are the jelly/ cream colors. -->the sky blue leaked a bit but it didn't smear onto the other polishes
dark blue, orange, dark red, green, dark green, blue, black, yellow, raspberry red, red, yellowish orange

 Glitters: orange, blue, silver, gold, pink, purple

 Metallics/ frosts: orange, fuchsia, green, copper, pink, grey, purple

These polishes are double ended. 

1.You get a super fine metal tip. When you squeeze the bottle, polish comes out, the weird metal needle looking thing that is attached to every bottle fits into the metal tip to dislodges any polish that has hardened so that polish will always flow out of the metal tip
2. You have a thin paintbrush end. I have it compared to a 0.7mm lead pencil to show you how fine the paintbrush end is.

This is the design I came up with: 

 The thin stripes came from the metal tip of the 2 way nail art brush and the thick stripes came from the paintbrush end.

Then I used the 12 Color 3D Steel Ball Nail Art Glitter Decoration in purple (was received from  bornprettystore.com) to add more ommph to my nails..maybe too much ommph.

  Maybe I should have done them all in the same direction... or maybe I didn't need the steel balls at all..eh. =)

Disclaimer - The products were sent to me for review with no payment. My opinion is an honest one.
What is super fun is that Jessica, the owner of bornprettystore.com has given me my own coupon code : SWNAIL, 10% off till 03/31/2011

But! If you use my code SWNAIL, on top of the 10% you also get a free keychain flashlight!



  1. You have a tag on my blog (^_^)

  2. :) I have an Avon polish (only one) and it takes FOREVER to dry. Ugh.

    :D I love your nails! I thought about buying these from the BP store the other day, so thanks for showing how they work!

  3. Too bad about the dry time on the Avon, as it's a really nice color. Maybe just balls on one nail next time? :)

  4. Yah, this one has been my only disappointment from Avon too. My only complaint was that it took 3 coats to get opaque though. And yes, it was kind of bland - I remedied that with a shimmer topcoat.

  5. I really like this colour on you :) I almost got it myself but I heard it was a dupe for OPI Moon over Mumbai which I already own (but have yet to wear!)

  6. i have Urban Grey too but mine needs a least 3 or 4 coats of polish :(

    those 2way pens are awesome! and my lollipops lasted me 2 days & then i took em off.

  7. Is urban Gray good then? It looks sooooo pretty by itself. I've never tried Avon nail polish.

    Thanks for the comment about furry legs. It made me laugh soooo hard!

  8. Those nail polish pens look great! And it's such a pity that the Avon
    polish sucks, the colour looks pretty!

  9. Despite the shoddy formula, this is a very pretty nail colour.

  10. I was thinking about getting the avon but after hearing your review I better pass.

  11. @Becky: thanks for the tag!

    @Rachel Marie: oh you’re also having avon drying polish problems too? For a moment I thought it was only my polish. The 2 way nail art pens are super awesome and I like the variety offered, ebay sells some but they only come in solid no glitter.

    @KarenD: great idea, just balls on one nail. I also like the gry color, makes me sad

    @ABOP: I didn’t think of a shimmer top coat, I ‘ll try it out next time.

    @Danielle: I think I’m going to purchase moon over Mumbai because this one just sucks and I really like the color, thanks for letting me know it’s a dupe

    @Katrina: avon seems like a hit or miss =( either needs almost 4 coats to dry or won’t dry at all.

    @loodie loodie loodie: your blog name is so much cuter!

    @Nancy: furry legs keep us warm =) I wouldn’t bother with avon, but I guess if it’s on sale and super cheap sure why not try avon

    @Musicalhouses: I really like using the 2 way nail art brushes, the color options are awesome!

    @lisa: I like the color too so it makes me feel sad =( luckily they say there is a dupe for the color with OPI

  12. @rmcandlelight: apparently moon over mumbai OPI
    is a dupe for the grey, you can try that. I find avon polishes hit or misses. it's so frustrating, I wish they would be consistent


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