> Design Glassware by Mont Bleu Review

Design Glassware by Mont Bleu Review

Posted on Thursday, April 25, 2013 | 2 Comments

Design Glassware by Mont Bleu sent me some goodies to review a few weeks ago, here they are:

The large glass file sent to me is about 5.32 inches long and once again very sturdy.  It comes with a black cover like the small one.  This file  retails for about 10 Euros. PThe crystals are glued on very well and I am certain none of them will fall off.

The mini portable glass file sent to me is about 3.5 inches long and very sturdy.  I really like the soft cover that comes with it because I can throw it in my bag and it wont file down the other stuff in my bag e.g my phone.  This file  retails for about 8 Euros. 

I was sent blue tweezers with crystals on one side.  I really like the crystal detail, it makes the tweezers super cute. I am going to use the tweezers for gluing crystal on my nails. I feel that the tips of the tweezers aren't sharp enough to pluck my fine eyebrow hairs.


My favorite item that was sent to me was the Callus remover.  Design Glassware by Mont Bleu
describes the Callus remover as a: "Scraper foot file for removing callus (hard skin) from heels - great alternative for taking care of your feet. Red color."  16 Euros. I think this callus remover is worth the money. it is the best file ever.

Lastly I was sent Austrian Crystal Earrings 8 Euros.  These are very pretty multi-chrome earrings, it takes on a different color at different angles.  The problem I had with the earrings was that I couldn't wear them very long.  I have very sensitive ears so I am thinking that was why after a few days the earrings irritated my ears. I am glad that I can wear the earrings for a day or two so I'm still happy with them.


  1. I must check these out! I love me some bling haha... also just wanted to let you know that the link has KarenD's url at the start


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