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Cagedbird Nail Lacquer Review

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Sarah of Cagedbird Nail Lacquer sent me two mini polishes to review on my blog.

Today, let's learn about Cagedbird Nail lacquer:

 cagedbird nail lacquer is:
handcrafted in the usa
cruelty free
big 4-free (no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene or dibutyl phthalate)
made with ♥

You can purchase the polishes here: http://cagedbirdnl.etsy.com 
mini bottles(5ml) retail for $5 and the full bottles(15ml) retail for $10. 

You can learn about Cagedbird nail lacquer here: https://www.facebook.com/cagedbirdnaillacquer
 Cagedbird nail lacquer packages all her bottles with a small bow she hand ties and a cagedbird label.  

The first polish is Miss Mouse.  Miss Mouse is an adorable clear polish filled with large black hex glitter, medium and small sized white hex glitter, medium and small red hex glitter

In these pictures I used only 1 coat over a pale yellow based.

**Note: I had some issues with the large black hex glitter curling. After talking to Sarah, she told me that it is due to a bad batch of glitter reacting to the new polish base. The previous batches did not have curling.  But NOT TO WORRY!!! Sarah has already started to go back to her old polish base and has fixed the issue with Miss Mouse :)

The next polish I have is Equinox

To tell you the truth, when I first took Equinox out of the box I wasn't super impressed. A copper polish...ok.  But after I actually took some time to look at it I realized it is much more than just a copper polish.  It has tiny particles of gold in it giving it a gold shimmer.  It also has different tiny colors of copper in it giving the copper color more dimension.  I had a lot of difficulty capturing the different dimensions in the polish.

I used two coats in these pictures

 If you look closely you can see the glass copper flecks in this picture

I took this picture in natural sunlight. You can see the flecks of gold shimmer in the polish in this picture.

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