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EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream

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Who says shaving can’t be delightful?

Packed with natural aloe, oat, shea butter and antioxidant
vitamins E and C , eos ultra moisturizing shave cream leaves
your skin looking radiantly healthy.

• So moisturizing, you can shave wet or dry
• Non-foaming cream formula boosts skin’s moisture level and
leaves skin soft and smooth
• Provides a closer shave, even helping to prevent those little
razor bumps.
• Paraben-free formula
• Soft-touch, ergonomic plastic bottle is easy to hold, rust-free
and recyclable (not like those cans the boys use)
• Easy-to-use pump for 100% propellant-free dispensing
• Not tested on animals
• No animal by-products

Key Ingredients:
• Aloe – soothes, moisturizes and heals
• Oat – protects delicate, dry, sensitive and irritated skin
• Shea butter – softens and nourishes
• Vitamin E & C – rejuvenating antioxidants for healthy looking,
radiant skin

Enticing Fragrances:
• Pomegranate Raspberry
• Vanilla Bliss
• Sensitive – Fragrance Free

Launch Date: June/July 2012

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