> Pure Ice~Vinyl Remix~Swatches and Review

Pure Ice~Vinyl Remix~Swatches and Review

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This is going to be a fun post.  Bari Cosmetics sent me 4 colors from the new Pure Ice collection "Vinyl Remix". This is a remix on crackle polish. 

 These polishes comes in a set of 2, you get a crackle/ color and the Platinum white Base Coat.

Along with each set you get a cute vinyl record file. (Do we remember records? I have some records somewhere...) 


 What I like about these files is that I can easily toss them in my purse and I'll always have a file with me for nail emergencies.

Here are the instructions for the polish:


 So I started with the Platinum Base Coat on my nail wheel:

Then I applied the Vinyl Remix to the base coat.  I had purple "Vintage Remix", yellow "Emcee Me" , green "DJ Spinner", and orange "Rave" so I did four nails of each color but with different designs.

 Do you see what happened when I applied the vinyl remix polish?
The vinyl remix polish is black. Usually with crackle what happens is that you apply you crackle, the polish cracks and what you see between the cracks is your base coat color. So....if this was a normal crackle you would apply the vinyl remix and it would crack and you would get black crackle and underneath/ in the cracks it would be white..but HOLD UP!!!  the colors between the cracks in this case isn't white.  Depending on which black Vinyl remix you get you get different colors.  The base coat white never shows up.

This is a pretty neat remix for crackle, I honestly have no idea how it works.

You can check out more pics of the Vinyl Remix collection on the Bari Cosmetics Facebook Page or the Pure Ice Website HERE

*The products in this post were sent to me for the purpose of a 100% honest unbiased review.*

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