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I have always loved purple...my room is purple, my clothes, my jewellery, everything...and now after discovering the shades of purple that BB Couture offers? I am in love with purple all over again. It's like when you know you love chocolate and then you try a new brand of chocolate and it tastes even better...how can that be??

Here are the colors I am reviewing today:

From left to right we have: John Smith, Dirty Blonde, Dirty Mother, Gluttony, Belle Starr, Beetle Bailey
***I know John Smith, Dirty Blonde, Dirty Mother are not purples...but I had to have them.

One thing unique about BB Couture is that it is a 4 in 1 polish....a base coat, top coat, nail strengthener, and color.  I did not use base coats or top coats in any of the following pictures.

The first color I have to review is Belle Star.  This is part of the Wilde Wild West Collection. My favorite thing about the BB Couture bottles is that on top of the lids there is a label that tells you what collection the color comes from and underneath the bottle there is a label that tells you the name of the color.

Belle Star

I used two coats to obtain full coverage.  Unfortunately my photos don't show it but there is a slight purple shimmer in the polish. It is a cream purple (blue based) with a hint of purple shimmer.  It applied smoothly and did not drag. 

The next color we have is Beetle Bailey from the Carlas Ladybugs collection. 

Once again this color only needed two coats. This is a red based purple, a maroon polish.  This polish also has fine shimmer in it and once again applied buttery smooth.

 the next polish is Gluttony from the Sinfully Polished Collection.

 Gluttony was three coats as I had difficulty applying the first two coats evenly...this may have been me since this was near the end of my swatching day.  This is similar to Beetle Bailey but with more red in it.  It is once again a cream polish with very faint shimmer, fainter than Beetle Bailey and Belle Star. Beetle Bailey and Belle Star have  purple shimmer, Gluttony seems to have silver? Clear? shimmer. 

 Next up is  my favorite polish from BB Couture: Dirty Mother from the Cantina Nights Collection.

This is a FANTASTIC color! A dusty pink that applies very smoothly and only needs two coats.  I was so in awe with this color that I haven't used it since I swatched it because I don't want to ever run out. I never buy backup polishes but I may have to for this one.  It is a very versatile color. It works for the workplace and also as an everyday going out color.  This is a color that should be in everyone's polish collection

Now we are onto the taupes/ beiges/ greiges.

I don't own any beiges....out of my 300+ bottles of polish nothing. Odd eh?

So..we have my very first taupe/ beige Dirty Blonde from the Eye Candy Collection. I like the name for this polish :) 


I used three coats. This is a taupe that is orange based. It is a cream polish and applies smoothly just like the other cream polishes.  What I liked was the coverage of the polish...although it took three coats, I think I may have been able to get away with two coats.  I think this color would look great with leopard prints :)

Lastly, we have John Smith from the Infamous Lovers collection.

I think I would call this color a greige.  A grey beige.  I only needed two coats from this polish. You might be wondering why it is a square bottle...it is because it is from the specially formulated just for men collection...which I believe just has more nail hardeners.  This is a very pretty color and who cares if it's from then men collection. I'm still wearing it!

So....some things to take with you now that this blog post is done:

1. None of these pictures had top coat on them yet my nails are still shiney shiney
2. You don't need a top coat or base coat for BB Couture polishes
3. You need Dirty Mother
4. you can purchase the polishes here:  http://bbnailpolish.com/

*The products in this post were sent to me for the purpose of a 100% honest unbiased review.*

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