> St Patrick's day and glequins

St Patrick's day and glequins

Posted on Thursday, March 13, 2014 | No Comments

St Patrick's Day is coming up so I thought I would do something somewhat festive on my nails.

I applied two coats of Nubar Reclaim to my nails and then a slow drying top coat (Why did I use a slow drying top coat???? scroll down the post and see! ).  Reclaim is the most beautiful holographic green polish ever, I have no idea why Nubar discontinued the color  :(

http://www.bornprettystore.com/ sent me some glequins to review so I decided to use them for an accent nail.

**Sorry I should have rotated the image first..ekk

I used a slow drying top coat, while the top coat dried I used a toothpick and picked up the glequins I wanted and slowly placed them in the design I wanted on my nail

This design took a bit of time but I am pleased with the results so maybe one day I will cover all my nails with glequins.

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