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Time Flies

Posted on Sunday, January 19, 2014 | 3 Comments

I realized that I have had this blog for over 4 years.  It was a small hobby while I was working as a research scientist.  That job ended and I went back to school, graduated, and I am an x-ray technician.

I work quite a bit as an x-ray technician; therefore, work has taken a toll on my hands.  My constant hand washing has really dried up my skin and there have been a lot of nail breakages.  I am not as passionate about nail polish as I once was but I still keep up to date with the new collections and I still like nail polish.  I think what is difficult for me is that my nails are constantly broken and irregular shaped so it's hard to be motivated to take pretty pictures. 

Anyways, here is a x-ray related nail design :)

Also...look at this mess.  My racks are completely filled up and I have boxes of nail polish everywhere :( Everything is out of order and just sad :(   I need to find time to organize my babies


  1. The X-ray design is pretty rad. I remember seeing a picture of just ONE wall shelf of nail polish. I can't believe how many bottles you have! I'd love to know which ones are your favourites.

    1. my favorites....so hard to decide!!!! i'll list the ones I'm afraid of using too much because I only have one bottle and really should have gotten two

      opi ds glamour
      zoya savita <3
      OPI I Theodora You
      hits mari moon dreamer
      max factor fantasy fire (I actually have two bottles of this)

  2. I love this - it is so fitting and just fantastic period!!


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