> Duri Cosmetics "The Showstopper" Spring Collection

Duri Cosmetics "The Showstopper" Spring Collection

Posted on Monday, June 10, 2013 | No Comments

I was sent the Duri Spring "Showstopper" collection for review.

I have been packing my things for my big move to another town so my nails are in terrible condition so I had to swatch the colors on swatch sticks.

The bottles remind me of Essie bottles but they do have wider brushes than Essie.
Duri polishes have a volume of 15 mL,  Essie has a volume of 13.5 mL.

All these swatches are 3 coats.

Left to right:
Call me maybe, Satin Treat,  Dream Catcher,Afterhours, One Night Only, Showstopper

Before my big move I did manage to swatch Call me maybe

Here is 3 coats of Call me Maybe.  Isn't it a fabulous color?  I think this is the spring/summer it color. It looks really nice on toes and fingers.

I also stamped over call me maybe with a stamping image from Cheeky Beauty

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